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DC Model Teacher Evaluation System Resources

Academic Parent-Teacher Team

The Academic Parent-Teacher Team is a model for parent-teacher communication about student performance, and parents’ roles in supporting achievement. This resource helps educators effectively engage families in activities to improve learning.

Achieve the Core - Instructional Practice Guide

This website provides free content and tools designed to help educators understand and implement the Common Core State Standards and other college and career ready standards.

ACSD - Professional Development Resources

This site provides online courses, videos and a digital library of resources to improve instruction.

Activate Instruction

This online tool helps teachers translate performance assessment data into personalized learning experiences for students. With over 5,600 playlists, the tool provides curriculum content for students in elementary, middle and high school.

Annenberg Learner

This site provides educators with multimedia curriculum and professional development resources in an array of subjects including language arts, science, mathematics, foreign language, the arts and more. Explore sample lesson plans and a library of activities on the Annenberg Learner web platform...

Attendance Works - Tooklit

This website offers resources for monitoring, understanding, and addressing chronic absence beginning in the early grades. Free tools include sample presentations about attendance and resources for working with parents.


BetterLesson is an online platform that provides educators with 1 million teaching resources, over 16,000 lesson plans, and access to a continuous learning platform that pairs educators with coaches to learn work what works best for their students.

Beyond Ratings: Re-envisioning State Teacher Evaluation Systems as Tools for Professional Growth

This policy brief describes how states’ communication, support and monitoring of evaluation as a tool for professional growth can play a vital role in ensuring that local education agencies capitalize on the information teacher evaluations provide to propel teacher—and student—growth.

Books that Grow

The Books that Grow is a digital reading app that increases or decreases in language complexity based on the reader’s abilities. The app’s diverse library provides educators with texts ranging from biographies, classic fiction, folktales, primary source documents, and more.

Case Studies for Weighing Model Teacher Evaluation Systems

These two case studies offer examples of weighted models of teacher evaluation systems in New Jersey and Baltimore, MD..

Charlotte Danielson on Rethinking Teacher Evaluation

In a commentary piece for Education Week, Charlotte Danielson rethinks teacher evaluations and advocates for implementing a comprehensive personnel policy because it not only ensures good teaching on the part of every teacher, it would ensure opportunities for ongoing professional learning by...


This online application provides educators with free access to open-source, customizable educational content suited for multiple student learning styles. Resources include interactive learning activities that adapt to individual student performance.


This classroom management app helps teachers encourage students in class and communicate with parents. Effective teachers use this resource to engage students and their families around their learning.

Classroom Walk-Through Tool: Student Engagement

This tool, a companion of the DC Model Teacher Evaluation System Rubric, can be used as a note-taking resource for classroom observers to guide feedback, frame reflection, or structure coaching.

Conference Preparation and Notes (Evaluator)

This document helps evaluators prepare for post-classroom observation conferences. The notes help evaluators ensure that they highlight both strengths and areas of growth for educators.

Conference Preparation Tool (Teacher)


Curriki is an online community where educators can create, share, and find high-quality K-12 content. The Curriki resource library hosts thousands of educator-vetted, openly licensed, online educational materials that teachers, educators, or other professionals have created for use, reuse,...

Data Collection Worksheet

Use this worksheet to map deadlines related to the Student Learning Objective (SLO) process to your data collection process.

DC Model Teacher Evaluation System Classroom Observation Tool

The DC Model Teacher Evaluation Framework serves as the foundation for effective teacher evaluation processes, including observation, feedback, and coaching. The companion classroom observation tool can be used during instructional walkthroughs to take observational notes tied to learning...

DC Model Teacher Evaluation System Communications Toolkit

This communications toolkit provides helpful FAQs, resources, tools, and tips about best practices for implementing the DCMTES within LEAs.

DC Model Teacher Evaluation System External Evaluation Report

In this external evaluation report, MN Associates, Inc. reports the findings of their pilot year evaluation study on the validity of the DC Model Teacher Evaluation System.

DC Model Teacher Evaluation System Postcard

Print and share this postcard with others to share information and resources about the DC Model Teacher Evaluation...

DC Model Teacher Evaluation System Rubric

The DC Model Teacher Evaluation Framework serves as the foundation for effective teacher evaluation processes, including observation, feedback and coaching. This evaluation rubric provides definitions of effectiveness for each indicator of the framework.

DC Model Teacher Evaluation System SLO Quick Guidebook

This guidebook unpacks and provides examples of student learning objectives (SLOs), a key component of the DC Model Teacher Evaluation System.

DC Model Teacher Evaluation System Teacher Action Plan Tool

This companion to the DCMTES classroom observation tool can be used to review teacher evaluation results and create an action plan with next steps tied directly to the DC Model Teacher Evaluation Framework.

DC Model Teacher Evaluation System Training Video

The DC MTES training video provides educators with the opportunity to learn about the content of the DC MTES rubric and how it is helping improve teaching and learning in LEAs across DC.

DC Model Teacher Evaluation System Webinar Series

Watch one or all of OSSE's series of informational webinars about the DC Model Teacher Evaluation System and its components.

Discovery Education - Teacher Resources

This online platform leverages technology to provide educators with standards-aligned curricular resources, assessment services, and professional development.

District of Learning

District of Learning in an online resource listing in-person and online programs for students occurring both inside and outside DC schools that build students’ skills and interests. Students can often earn digital badges for participating in various learning opportunities in DC.

Edutopia - Classroom Management

This website hosts a wealth of videos, best practice documents, and discussion forums to help teachers better manage classrooms.

Edutopia - Project-based Learning

Edutoia’s videos, best practice documents, and discussion forums help teachers better create engaging project-based learning experiences for students.

Engagement Professional Development Module

This professional development module features lessons on the role engagement plays in the classroom, evaluating a...

Flamboyan - YouTube Channel

Explore videos on goal-setting during parent-teacher conferences, relationship building, and more. These videos can help educators model exemplar family contact and communication practices.

Flamboyan Foundation Family Engagement

This suite of family engagement tools includes parent teacher conference resources, rubrics for school-wide family engagement and tools to help communicate academic progress to families.

For All Rubrics

Explore the For All Rubrics website for competency-based assessment tools including standards-aligned rubrics, checklists, and performance reports. Tools on the site help teachers effectively use formal and informal, cumulative and summative assessment results to inform planning and modify...

Google Course Builder

Course Builder is an open source education platform that helps educators create and deliver online courses, whether they're for 10 or 1,000,000+ students.


Discover standards-aligned content, customize content, and track student progress through data analytics using gooru, an online platform that provides educators with over 16 million teaching resources.

GreatKids Milestones

This free online collection of videos is aimed at helping parents understand grade-level expectations in grades K-5.

HippoCampus - Math Resources provides teachers with a wealth of videos on how to effectively teach various mathematical concepts within Algebra, Trigonometry, Geometry, and Statistics curriculums.

Igniting Student Engagement: A Roadmap for Learning

Illuminations - Resources for Teaching Math

This website provides educators with a wealth of resources to teach mathematics strands including Algebra, Geometry, and more. Resources include interactives, lesson plans and mobile apps.

Khan Academy

This web platform connects educators with free online classes and content for students in math, science, art and more that build academic skills.

LEA Institute Reflections

This document produced from a LEA Institute Session offers a variety of reflections on the DC teacher evaluation system.


LearnZillion is the world's first open, cloud-based curriculum platform that helps teachers build instructional expertise and unlock the potential of their students. LearnZillion additionally helps teachers incorporate a range of instructional techniques, such as questioning to engage learners...

Lumos Learning

Lumos Learning in a website that houses blended supplemental study resources developed by expert teachers for schools and educators. Teachers can explore Common Core aligned tools and PARCC and Smarter Balance assessment resources.


This site provides hundreds of reading-leveled news articles and Common Core–aligned quizzes, with new articles every day. Students in a class can read the same article, in a version customized for their reading level.

Observation and Feedback Decision Points for OSSE LEAs

This worksheet serves as a note-taking aid for evaluators when observing instruction during a classroom observation.

Observation Note-Taking Form

This worksheet helps LEAs map the policy decisions they must make prior to planning for the implementation of OSSE’s Model Evaluation System.


Panorama is a web-based application that allows educators to use research-based surveys to collect reliable feedback data on issues like School Climate, Classroom Environment, and Family Engagement. Educators can use questions created by Panorama or create their own.

Partners in Education: A Dual Capacity-Building Framework for Family–School Partnerships

This paper details a framework for designing family engagement initiatives that build capacity among educators and families to partner around student success.


This free online platform provides educators with activities for K-12 students that integrate digital tool, drive personalized learning, and help them develop sustainable blended learning practices. Educators can use this resource to lead objective-driven lessons with clear outcomes that are...

Quick Facts: OSSE Model Educator Evaluation Pilot

This Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document provides an overview of the Model Educator Pilot.

Relationships Matter: Linking Teacher Support to Student Engagement and Achievement

This article explains the importance of student engagement to improved behavior and academic success.


Remind is a free communication tool that helps teachers connect instantly with students and parents. The application allows teachers to send quick, simple messages or class announcements to any device.

Sample Yearlong Timeline for Tasks Associated with Implementing the OSSE Model Evaluation System

The sample chart illustrates how Student Learning Objective-related tasks and Observation and Feedback-related tasks can be listed to identify areas where work can be streamlined.

Share My Lesson

Share My Lesson is a website created by teacher for teachers providing more than 300,000 teaching resources, classroom activities, worksheets and quizzes available each week to educators.

SLO Activities: Evidence Brainstorming, Calendar Development, Decision Points

These activities will help school leaders implement student learning objectives. The worksheets included help LEAs detail evidence they will collect for each indicator of their teacher evaluation rubric; map activities and tasks associated with educator evaluations throughout the year; and map...

Student Learning Objective (SLO) Scoring Tool

Schools can use and adapt this worksheet to evaluate teachers in accordance with Student Learning Objectives (SLOs).

Student Learning Objective (SLO) Template

Schools and instructional leaders can use this worksheet to develop Student Learning Objectives (SLOs) detailing aligned standards, student targets, and SLO targets.

Teaching the Core - Common Core Videos

This website provides content to help teachers implement the Common Core State Standards. This website features exemplar teaching videos covering various grades and subject areas and helps educators careful plan and modify instruction for both the class and individual students.

Ten Steps to Better Student Engagement

This piece highlights strategies for building a supportive, collaborative learning environment in the classroom....

TNTP Teacher Talent Toolbox

This online library holds over 450 resources districts can use to build a thriving teaching team and improve school instructional culture. Educators can use this toolbox to incorporate a range of questioning techniques and strategies into their teaching.


This web-based application allows teachers of students in grades 3-12 to administer a free, annual student survey to inform goal-setting and professional learning and student engagement. Tripod's research and analytics deliver valuable insights about teaching practices, student engagement, and...

US Department of Education Parent and Family Engagement Website

Explore the US Department of Education’s Parent and Family Engagement website to find toolkits, resources and reports on parent and family engagement. These tools and resources can help teachers implement best practices around family contact and communication.

Using the DC Model Teacher Evaluation System in Other Subjects

This quick resource tool is designed to complement the Full Evaluation Rubric, providing additional considerations and strategies for evaluators observing foreign language, music, art, physical...

Virtual Nerd

Virtual Nerd is an online platform that provides educators with supplemental learning resources, with a focus on middle school and high school mathematics. The site’s expansive library of instructional content includes over 1,500 video lessons covering middle grades math through Algebra 2 that...

Youth Truth Survey

Youth Truth Survey is a website that connect educators and schools to validated survey instruments and tailored advisory services, gathering authentic student feedback.

YouTube - Education Channel

YouTube’s Education Channel features videos on a series of academic topics educators can use in the classroom.