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FY19 Performance Oversight Questions

Please find enclosed the Office of the State Superintendent of Education’s (OSSE’s) Fiscal Year 2019 Performance Oversight responses and corresponding attachments.

For more information or questions, please contact Shana Young, chief of staff, at [email protected] or (202) 322-1734.

Attachments for OSSE FY19 Performance Oversight Responses (60 total attachments):

Responses to OSSE FY19 Performance Oversight Questions
Q1 Attachment – Student Enrollment by Ward SY14-15 to SY19-20      
Q3 Attachment – Private School Enrollment
Q4 Attachment – ELL Students
Q5 Attachment – At-Risk Students
Q6 Attachment – Foster Children
Q7 Attachment – Mid-year Student Mobility SY18-19
Q9 Attachment 1 – Discipline Data All
Q9 Attachment 2 – Discipline Data Student Groups
Q10 Attachment 1 – ACGR
Q10 Attachment 2 – Outcomes
Q13 Attachment – PARCC and MSAA Achievement Results
Q16 Attachment – Capacity, Enrollment, Utilization FY17-19
Q17 Attachment – Child Development Facilities – Capacity, Rating
Q28 Attachment – August 2019 DL Court Report
Q34 Attachment – Restorative DC Whole School Implementation School Profiles SY2018-19
Q38 Attachment – IEPs
Q39 Attachment – SPED Graduation
Q40 Attachment – SPED Exit
Q41 Attachment – SPED Transitions
Q44 Attachment – Significant Discrepancy Guide, FFY 2018
Q46 Attachment – Disproportionate Representation FFY 2018 Guide
Q62 Attachment – DCTAG
Q64 Attachment – DC ReEngagement Center FY 2019 Annual Report
Q69 Attachment – MSDC (a-d, f and g)
Q72 Attachment – Common Lottery Board By-Laws
Q75 Attachment – FRP
Q77 Attachment – Schools Gardens
Q83 Attachment – Grants Awarded to OSSE
Q84 Attachment – FY19 Lapsed Fund Detail
Q85 Attachment – Grants Awarded to OSSE
Q86 Attachment – FY16, FY17, FY18, and FY19, Title I, II, III
Q88 Attachment 1 – (a)-(c); (e)-(i) FY19 NonPublic
Q88 Attachment 2 – (d) FY19 Students Served by Nonpublic
Q91 Attachment – HELC Bios
Q92 Attachment – FY19 HELC Quarterly Reports
Q96 Attachment – OSSE Organizational Chart
Q97 Attachment 1 – FY19 OSSE Performance Plan
Q97 Attachment 2 – FY19 OSSE DOT Performance Plan
Q98 Attachment 1 – FY20 OSSE Performance Plan
Q98 Attachment 2 – FY20 OSSE DOT Performance Plan
Q101 Attachment – Budget and Expenditures
Q102 Attachment – Intra-District Transfers
Q103 Attachment – Reprogrammings
Q104 Attachment – Special Purpose Revenue
Q105 Attachment – Fixed Costs
Q106 Attachment – Capital Budget
Q110 Attachment – OSSE Vacancies FY19 and FY20 to date
Q116 Attachment 1 – Performance Allowances
Q116 Attachment 2 – FY19-FY20 Incentive Payments
Q116 Attachment 3 – Travel Expenses FY19 & FY20
Q117 Attachment – FY 19-20 Contracts
Q118 Attachment – FY 19-20 Contract Modifications
Q119 Attachment 1 – FY19 Purchase Card Transactions
Q119 Attachment 2 – FY20 Purchase Card Transactions
Q120 Attachment 1 – USDA Summer Food Service Program ME Closure Letter
Q120 Attachment 2 – USDA Child Nutrition Program FMR Closure Letter
Q120 Attachment 3 – USDA Child and Adult Care Food Program ME Closure Letter
Q120 Attachment 4 – Early Intervention Program Audit
Q125 Attachment 5 – Management Observations for OPCSFS