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DC Educator Workforce Data

Educators are the District of Columbia’s greatest strength. Data collected annually* by the Office of the State Superintendent of Education (OSSE) from all DC local educational agencies (LEAs) demonstrate that the District’s educator workforce includes a strong pool of educators serving our LEAs, schools, and students. OSSE is committed to collecting and reporting these data to support our initiatives and provide the DC community with an authoritative dataset reflecting the state of staffing across the city.

2023-24 School Year Education Landscape Data

Educator Workforce Reports
In fall 2019, OSSE, in collaboration with TNTP, released its inaugural DC Teacher Workforce Report compiling data from a sample of the city’s schools. In spring 2022, OSSE released a more comprehensive report, which includes data from all DC LEAs. The reports cover state-level supply (from Educator Preparation Providers), demand (teacher vacancies at LEAs), demographic (race and gender), and retention data on DC’s educators. Moving forward, OSSE has committed to producing these comprehensive reports every other school year.

Educator Retention Briefs
In winter 2022, OSSE published a snapshot of state-level educator retention data in the first Educator Retention Brief with the goal of releasing a new brief every school year. These short (1-2 page) briefs contain graphics that provide an accessible look at retention rates for teachers and leaders across DC schools.

Educator Workforce Data Files
With the release of the 2022 Educator Workforce Report, OSSE also began publicly releasing LEA Faculty and Staff data, including demographic, retention, teacher supply, and demand data with our Educator Workforce Data Files.

These files provide a closer look at the state of staffing across DC as they include state, LEA, and school-level information. OSSE has since expanded the scope of the files to include experience, certification, and performance data. Though the Educator Workforce Report is produced every other year, OSSE’s goal is to publish these data files annually.

*Data in these reports reflect the state of staffing as of Oct. 5, 2023 of the school year in question. Data is only provided for DC public and public charter schools. For additional information about OSSE’s educator data collection processes, please visit the Faculty and Staff Data Collection and the Education Preparation Providers pages on the OSSE website.

**All professionals directly involved in the regular creation of learning environments that foster the development of students.

Includes: Teachers, Paraprofessionals, School Administrators, Instructional Specialists, Instructional Coordinators and Supervisors, Librarians/Media Specialists, School Counselors/Directors, Special Education Support Staff: Audiologists, Psychologists, Physical Education Teachers and Recreation, and Therapeutic Recreation Specialists, Speech-language Pathologists, Occupational Therapists, and Social Workers.

Excludes: Library/Media Support Staff, LEA Administrative Support Staff, LEA Administrators, School Administrative Support Staff, School Nurses - Not Special Education Specific, Special Education Support Staff - Interpreter, Special Education Support Staff - Medical/Nursing, Special Education Support Staff - Orientation and Mobility Specialists, Special Education Support Staff - Physical Therapists, Student Support Staff, and Other Support Staff.