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Faculty and Staff Data Collection

The Office of the State Superintendent of Education (OSSE) annually collects faculty and staff data to provide DC’s education community with educator workforce data, target supports, and meet legal requirements. OSSE is required by the US Department of Education (USED) to collect a variety of metrics pertaining and related to faculty and staff employed in the District of Columbia educational system for federal reporting purposes. This includes information for every direct hire or contractor who is part of the local education agency’s (LEA’s) regular operations as of Oct. 5, 2023. OSSE defines “regular operations” as “day-to-day academic, administrative, student support, maintenance, security, and other activities necessary for the school to function."

Some uses for these data include:​ 

Further, DC Code § 38-2609(c)(2)(A) gives OSSE the authority to collect “necessary data pertaining to students, teachers, and school levels [which] shall be submitted to the OSSE for the purpose of constructing, updating, or maintaining the education data warehouse (EDW) system.” In addition, DC Code § 38-2609(c)(2)(B) states, “the requested data shall be submitted within a reasonable time, as determined by the OSSE, following a request, and in a standardized format to be established by the OSSE.” 

Data Collection Timeline

The data reported in this collection tool represents the LEA’s faculty and staff roster and vacancies as of the 2023-24 school year enrollment audit (Oct. 5, 2023) 


2023-24 School Year

2022-23 School Year

2021-22 School Year

2020-21 School Year

2019-20 School Year

2018-19 School Year

2017-18 School Year

2016-17 School Year

2015-16 School Year

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