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Performance Ratings

Option 2: Effective Performance Ratings

Applicants currently employed with a DC local education agency (LEA) that administers an educator performance evaluation system that has been approved by OSSE for educator credentialing purposes, may submit satisfactory performance rating reports to renew his/her credential.

If your employing DC LEA does not administer an OSSE approved educator evaluation system, you may not use this option to renew your credential. Please refer to option #1 or #3.  Currently the DC Public Schools (DCPS) agency is the only DC LEA that administers an official educator evaluation system that is accepted by OSSE for state credentialing purposes.  

When submitting performance ratings, the following conditions are required:

  • The performance review must have been conducted while you were an employee within a DC local education agency with an assignment in the same subject area of the credential being renewed.  (Non-DC LEA educator performance ratings are not accepted for credential renewal.)
  • The performance reviews must have been conducted while you were an employee within the same DC LEA, using the same performance evaluation rating tool.
  • You must have achieved at least an effective or equivalent final rating for the summative or student growth component of the evaluation for a minimum of three of the previous four years.
  • You must submit all pages of your final (end-of-year) report for each applicable school year.
  • Contact your employing LEA’s educator evaluation unit for procedures to obtain your performance reports.