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Credential Renewal

Applicants who need to renew their school teacher, school support provider or administrator credential may do so by meeting the requirements based upon either of the following renewal options:

Option A – Renewal by Performance Evaluation Ratings

Applicants currently employed with a DC local education agency (LEA) that administers an official educator performance evaluation management system that is accepted by OSSE for the purposes of educator credentialing may have their credential renewed based upon satisfactory practitioner performance. Read more.

Option B – Renewal by completion of professional development activities

Applicants who have attended and successfully completed appropriate professional development training activities which can include educator workshops, LEA-approved training activities, college coursework, or other types of training may have their credential renewed based upon satisfactory completion of the required professional development hours. Read more.

Frequently Asked Questions about Renewal

Question 1: Can I combine both renewal options to renew my credential?

No, only one of the renewal pathways can be selected for each credential you are renewing.

Question 2: How can I renew multiple credentials at the one time?

Applicants with multiple credentials that are due to expire in 120 days or less may renew one credential based upon either renewal option. Second, they must submit an additional 60 clock hours or four college credit hours (or a combination of the two) of specific content for each additional credential being renewed.  

For example, an applicant submits proper documentation to renew their elementary education credential based upon either the performance or professional development option.  In addition, the applicant submits proper documentation verifying satisfactory completion of 60 clock hours of professional development activities with a focus on mathematics content to renew their math credential.

Question 3: How soon can I submit a renewal application?

Applicants may apply to renew their credential as soon as 120 days or 4 months prior to its expiration date.

Question 4: Can I renew an expired credential?

A credential that has expired and is lapsed for 90 days or more may not be renewed but can be reinstated. To reinstate an expired credential, applicants must present passing scores for the current DC-required subject content and pedagogy exams for the subject area and grade level of the credential. The exams must be taken within 12 months of the date of the applicant is seeking to reinstate the credential. View a list of the required exams.

Question 5: I hold an “initial” credential this expired or due to expire, can get an extension or renew it?

Initial teacher or administrator credentials are not renewable and cannot be extended. Applicants must successfully complete all applicable requirements to upgrade to a standard credential.

Question 6: Which documents must be submitted for renewal?

Please read here for required documents for option A, performance-based renewal. See here for required documents for option B, professional development-based renewal.

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