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Careers at OSSE Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for a dream job at OSSE, but have a few questions? You’re in the right place!






How do I search for a job at OSSE?

OSSE’s postings are on the DCHR Career Site: You will be able to filter by agency using ‘Office of the State Superintendent’ or ‘OSSE DOT Department.’

I would like to be a classroom teacher in DC. Where do I start?

We always need great teachers in DC. More information on teacher credentialing in DC can be found on OSSE's website. Some initial places to search for teacher openings include DC Public Schools and the Public Charter School Board.

OSSE does not hire classroom teachers, but does have opportunities for teachers looking to transition out of the classroom.



What qualifications do I need to apply to positions at OSSE?

At OSSE, we have a variety of positions with varying qualifications. If you see a position that you are interested in, please click on the position to see if you meet the desired qualifications. OSSE requirements range from a High School Diploma/GED with minimal experience to post-graduate degrees with substantial relevant experience.   

How do I apply to a job if I am a current DC Government employee?

As a government employee, you can access the DC Government Job Board by:

  1. Logging on through your Employee Self Service portal
  2. Clicking on Recruiting Activities and
  3. Viewing OSSE-specific positions with our agency filters: ‘Office of the State Superintendent’ or ‘OSSE DOT Department’

How do I apply if I am not a DC Government employee?

OSSE’s postings are on the DCHR Career Site:

  1. If you are a first time applicant to the DC Government, you must create a profile on
  2. Now that you are on the Careers homepage, you can filter by agency using ‘Office of the State Superintendent’ or ‘OSSE DOT Department’
  3. If you a position that seems like a good match, click on the position to learn more.

What is “residency preference”?

If you are applying for a position in the Career Service, Educational Service, Management Supervisory Service, an attorney position in the Legal Service (series 905) other than in the Senior Executive Attorney Service and you are a bona fide District resident of the District of Colombia at the time of application for the position, you may elect to receive a residency preference over non-District applicants. To learn more about “residency preference” requirements please visit DCHR's website.

If you are selected for the position, you will be required to prove your residency by submitting “no less than eight proofs of bona fide District residency and maintain such residency for seven consecutive years from the effective date of the appointment.”



When will I hear back after I submit my application?

Once your application is submitted, you will receive an automated e-mail confirming the receipt of your application. Please make sure that the email address you supply on your application is the best email contact for us to use when contacting you regarding your application status.

OSSE applications are generally only reviewed after the closing date on the position posting. After the position closing date, your application is ranked and reviewed to make sure that your experience matches those needed for the job. If the position seems like it could be a perfect match, one of our recruiters will reach out to you within a few weeks of reviewing your application.

What steps are involved in the OSSE application review process?

At OSSE, our interview process varies depending on the job we are interviewing for. One of our recruiters may reach out to you for a telephone interview, a traditional in-person interview and/or completion of an exercise. We work hard for our interview process to be mutually beneficial, so we invite your questions at any point during the process.

We work extremely hard to match the right candidates with the right positions. Within a few weeks after your interview(s), we will follow-up with the status of your application.  Before we issue a final offer, we work with the selected candidate to complete required background checks and document submissions, as well as work with relevant District government agencies to obtain required approvals.

How long is the application process?

Our recruitment process at OSSE varies in length, and can range from several weeks to three months once job postings close. Factors impacting the recruitment process include the application review process, the background check process, and required approvals.

What is the background check process?

Once we have made the perfect match, your OSSE recruiter will contact you for some background documents, as well provide instructions to complete a background check. Background checks must be completed within 48-hours and background check results can take up to 30-days.

What does onboarding look like at OSSE?

On your first day, you will attend the DC government new hire orientation, then you will learn more about this agency at OSSE’s HR orientation. On your second day, you will attend OSSE’s ‘Big Picture’ orientation to learn about the agency’s history, strategy, core values, and opportunities for professional development. Lastly, within three months, you will be invited to OSSE’s quarterly orientation for new staff where you will meet other new staff, as well as our Superintendent and her leadership team. Additionally, you and your new manager are provided an onboarding checklist to help facilitate discussions about training, expectations, and team culture. Welcome!



What types of benefits does OSSE offer?

The District of Columbia Government has great employee benefits! We have great health, dental and vision insurance, as well as robust retirement programs, flex spending accounts, wellness programs, and much more. For more detailed information please visit the DCHR website or call at (202) 442-7627.

More information on leave and holidays can be found the DCHR website. Please note that former previous government and military service may be creditable towards leave accrual.

What resources for Professional Development exist at OSSE?

At OSSE we pride ourselves in investing in our employee’s professional development—professional development is a priority in our strategic plan. Moreover, we host a variety of OSSE-specific trainings, encourage and support our employees to take advantage of trainings offered by the Center for Learning & Development, SkillPort, and select external conferences and trainings. In addition, we work with managers to ensure that employees have a range of professional development opportunities, from coaching and mentoring to on-the-job training.


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