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The Child and Adult Care Food Program - CACFP State Agency Memos

The Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) State Agency and United States Department of Agriculture periodically release memoranda that provide program management guidance and announce program policy updates. All currently participating organizations must maintain copies of all Program memos.

Fiscal Year 2017 Memos

CACFP #1-2017: Consolidation of Recent USDA Memos Relating to Meal Pattern Compliance

CACFP #2-2017: Consolidation of Recent USDA Memos Relating to Program Operations

Fiscal Year 2016 Memos

ACH (Direct Deposit) Enrollment Form

CACFP #1-2016: Automated Clearinghouse (ACH) Process

CACFP #2-2016: Disregard Threshold for Overpayments

Fiscal Year 2015 Memos

CACFP #1-2015: Guidance on Income Eligibility Determinations and Duration

CACFP #2-2015: Toddler Formula Use in the CACFP

CACFP #3-2015: Roles and Responsibilities of Administrative Review Officials in the CACFP

CACFP #4-2015: Code of Conduct for Employees Engaged in Award and Administration of Contracts

CACFP #5-2015: Area Eligibility in the CACFP and Summer Food Service Program

CACFP #6-2015: Health and Safety Inspection Requirements

CACFP #7-2015: Assessing Costs in the CACFP

CACFP #8-2015: Administrative Reviews and Child Nutrition Labels and Product Formulation Statements

CACFP #9-2015: Child Nutrition Labels Copied with a Watermark

CACFP #10-2015: Local Foods in the CACFP with Q&A

CACFP #11-2015: Guidance on the Prohibition of Separation by Gender during Meal Services

CACFP #12-2015: Infant Feeding in the CACFP

Fiscal Year 2014 Memos

CACFP #1-2014: CACFP Needs Assessment Survey

CACFP #2-2014: Census Data Release: Fiscal Year 2014

CACFP #3-2014: Existing Flexibilities for CACFP At-Risk Participants Transitioning to SFSP

CACFP #4-2014: Smoothies Offered in Child Nutrition Programs

CACFP #5-2014: Effective Date of Free or Reduced Price Meal Eligibility Determinations

CACFP #6-2014: Guidance on Income Eligibility Determinations and Duration

CACFP #7-2014: Use of School and Census Data

CACFP #8-2014: Sharing Aggregate Data to Expand Child Nutrition Program Access and Services

CACFP #9-2014: State Agency Policy on Combination Foods - Update

CACFP #10-2014: State Agency Policy on Crediting Hummus in the CACFP

CACFP #11-2014: Creditable Soy Milk Update

CACFP #12-2014: Disaster Response

CACFP #13-2014: Area Eligibility Using Census Data

CACFP #14-2014: State Agency Policy on Parent Providing Meal Components

Fiscal Year 2013 Memos

CACFP #1-13: Streamlining At-Risk Meals Participation for School Food Authorities

CACFP #2-13: Requirement for By-Name Daily Meal Counts in Family Day Care Homes

CACFP #3-13: Federal Small Purchase Threshold Adjustment

CACFP #4-13: Geographic Preference in Procurement Q&A Part II

CACFP #5-13: Determining Area Eligibility Based on School Data

CACFP #6-13: Tax Exempt Status for Private Nonprofits and Churches in CACFP and SFSP

CACFP #7-13: Eligibility Based on Census Data - 2013 Data Release

CACFP #8-13: Child Nutrition Reauthorization Act of 2010 Update -- Categorical Eligibility for Children in Foster Care

CACFP #9-13: Guidance Related to the Americans with Disabilities Amendments Act

CACFP #10-13: Removed

CACFP #11-13: Electronic Payment Initiative

CACFP #12-13: Questions and Answers Regarding Head Start Programs in Child Nutrition Programs

Technical Assistance Memos

CACFP-TA #1-13: Guidance on Accepting Processed Product Documentation

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