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Student Discipline Data Collection Guidance

Friday, November 3, 2023

OSSE collects discipline data from LEAs each year for the annual Discipline Report. LEAs submit their data by completing the OSSE Discipline Data Collection Template and submitting it via the Integrated Data Submission Tool (IDST).

The data elements included in this annual collection fulfill the following local and federal reporting requirements:

  • Reporting pursuant to Section 209 of the Students Fair Access to School Act Amendment of 2018, effective Aug. 25, 2018 (DC Law 22-157; DC Official Code § 38-236.09) (the Fair Access Act); 
  • Reporting pursuant to Section 202 of the Pre-K Student Discipline Amendment Act of 2015, effective June 23, 2015 (DC Law 21-12; DC Official Code § 38-236.09);
  • DC School Report Card;
  • EDFacts Federal Reports; and
  • Annual Performance Report pursuant to the Individuals with Disabilities with Education Act (IDEA). 

OSSE and LEAs have distinct responsibilities to meet the above reporting requirements accurately and on time. Pursuant to DC Official Code § 38-236.09(c)(1), LEA or entity operating a publicly funded community-based organization (CBO) shall provide statutorily mandated discipline data, as set forth in DC Official Code § 38-236.09(b), in the form and manner prescribed by the OSSE. The data will be collected on a rolling basis, beginning November 19, 2021, and requires LEAs and pre-K CBOs to provide comprehensive data on all disciplinary incidents and actions that occurred with each upload to the IDST.

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