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Specialized Education Training and Technical Assistance Frequently Asked Questions/Additional Information

Thank you for contacting the Office of the State Superintendent of Education (OSSE), Division of Elementary, Secondary, and Special Education (ESSE), Training and Technical Assistance Unit (TTA).

All questions that are not answered by this auto reply will receive a response within 24 hours or the next business day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Additional Information

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register for a training?

You may register online by selecting the registration link of the training you wish to attend. If you have challenges accessing the internet with the link, please copy and paste or type the link directly into the URL on your web browser. Only online registrations completed via the link will be accepted. Please make sure you register using the correct link. Registration of appropriate audience members will be accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis, until the limit for the class is reached.

Who do I contact if I have a question about a seminar/session; need to cancel my registration, etc.?

Please e-mail [email protected] You will receive an auto reply with answers to most frequently asked questions, updates, etc. All questions that are not answered by the auto reply will receive a response within 24 hours or the next business day.

Who may attend trainings?

Each training will specify a target audience. Some trainings include additional requirements to maximize impact (e.g., trainings for teams of a minimum number of individuals, teams that include specific representatives). In addition, some trainings require attendance at multiple sessions. In these instances, participants must attend all sessions to receive Professional Learning Units (PLUs), unless the participant can provide sufficient documentation of an exceptional circumstance that merits partial units. Any requests for an exception to attendance requirement for partial units must be reviewed and approved by OSSE.

What happens in the event of inclement weather?

In the event of inclement weather, please check http://app.dc.gov/closures/index.asp or your local news station for the operating status of the District government. If the District government experiences delays or closures, OSSE will follow the same schedule. Please note we do not follow DCPS inclement weather schedule. Details on how trainings will continue in the event of a delay are included below.

For delays of less than two hours – Full day trainings will take place with a prompt start time of 11 a.m., and a working lunch if applicable. Half-day trainings will be cancelled.

For delays of two hours or more – All trainings scheduled will be cancelled and rescheduled. Half-day trainings will be cancelled.
In the event of a cancellation due to other circumstances, participants will be notified via email as soon as possible. We ask participants to check the email they used for registration the morning of the training for any last minute updates.

Where is the training located?

All trainings take place at OSSE, 810 First St. NE, Third Floor Grand Hall, unless otherwise noted in the registration. 810 First St. NE is Metro accessible via the Union Station Metro Station. For Metro directions, visit www.wmata.com. There are several paid parking lots/garages and two-hour metered parking near the building.

Will I receive a certificate showing the number of professional learning units earned?

Yes. Participants, who successfully complete an ESSE training will earn PLUs that may be applied to a District of Columbia educator’s license. Participants will receive a certificate of training as proof of the PLUs earned. Successfully completing an ESSE training means timely arrival to the training, attendance at the entire session (confirmed by sign-in and sign-out sheets), and completion of the online survey and any other post-training assignments within the specified period.

Additional Information

Important Policies

Please be respectful of the presenter and other participants. Cell phones must be on silent and may not be used inside the training room.

All professional development seminars will begin promptly at the designated time. Participants are expected to arrive at the scheduled venue 15 minutes prior to the start time to sign in. Anyone arriving after the sign-in period has closed and the session has begun will not be able to attend and will not be eligible to receive credit for the seminar. Participants are also required to sign-out of sessions at the end of the day. Any participant who does not sign-out will not be eligible to receive credit for the session(s).

Late Policy
All participants should adhere to the late policy. Trainings scheduled for full days will allow participants to attend up to 30 min late. Trainings scheduled for half days will allow participants to attend up to 15 minutes late. Please email [email protected] to notify the trainer if you are planning on arriving after the grace period.

Cancellations should be submitted in writing to [email protected] no later than 24 hours prior to the training in question. Cancellations made after this date will automatically be counted as unexcused. Participants with unexcused absences will be notified via email, in addition a notification will be sent to participants’ supervisor.

Training and Technical Assistance will allow walk-ins when space is available. Once sign in for pre-registered participants has closed, walk-ins who arrived before the session start time may be admitted as space permits. Walk-ins arriving after the session has begun will not be admitted.

Questions Regarding Certification/Recertification
The purpose of the Training and Technical Assistance unit is to improve student achievement throughout the District of Columbia. For this reason, the courses are designed based on the overall needs of students. We offer PLUs as an incentive for educators. To determine if the courses meet the requirements for your specific certification, please contact Educator Licensing and Quality at (202) 741-5881 or [email protected].

Special Education Data Systems (SEDS)

If you have questions regarding the Special Education Data System (SEDS; also known as EasyIEP), please contact your SEDS LEA Special Education Point of Contact (LEA SE POC), who will direct you to the proper resources. If you are the SEDS LEA Special Education Point of Contact, please use the OSSE Support Tool to submit any SEDS-related questions.

DC Lesson Plan Generator (DC LPG)

Thank you for your email; it will be transmitted to our Training and Technical Assistance specialists for assistance regarding password resets, content modification, and all other areas where support is needed. Please contact Celina Ketelsen at [email protected].