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Option B – Renewal by completion of Professional Development Training Activity Hours

Applicants may renew their teacher, pupil services or administrator credential by demonstrating successful completion of appropriate professional development training activity hours completed within the proper timeframe.


1. Applicants must submit proper documentation verifying satisfactory completion of the equivalent of 120 hours of professioanl development (PD) training activities completed within the four year term of the credential being renewed.

2. The equivalent of 120 hours equals 120 actual clock hours of instruction/activity time completed; or 8 college credit hours; or a combination of both. One college credit hour equals 15 clock hours.

3. A minimum of the equivalent 60 hours must be directly related to the content area of the credential being renewed. The additional hours may align with any of the areas as indicated in the “acceptable PD activity domain table” shown below.

4. The hours may be accrued by completion of college coursework or completion of training activities delivered by the employing local education agency, national education organizations, related industry organizations, and/or accredited PD provider organizations.

Required Content of PD training activities

Acceptable training activities shall cover content from among the following:

D-1 Increases content knowledge and competence in the specific subject area of the credential D-5 Increases knowledge of local, state, or national  educational initiatives and goals
D-2 Increases effective instruction and methodologies D-6 Improves school and community engagement
D-3 Increases school leadership strategies and skills D-7 Increases knowledge of best practices and trends
D-4 Increases knowledge of curriculum and standards (local, state, or national) D-8 Increases knowledge of resources and services for schools

Activity content domain table
Required Documents

1. To demonstrate completion of college coursework, you must submit official transcripts bearing the signature or stamp of the institution registrar. Grade reports, student or web-account transcripts are not accepted. Coursework must be taken for credit and must indicate a “pass” or letter grade of “C” or higher.

a) If not already saved as a PDF document, you must scan all pages of your official transcripts and save them as color PDF formatted files. Scan all pages of the complete transcript into one documents.   
b) To obtain your transcript you must contact the institution registrar and request that your transcript be issued to you, so that you may upload them to your application.

2. To demonstrate completion of PD training activities not completed through a college or university, you must submit an official training activity transcript or official certificate of completion issued by the training organization. For more information please refer to the PD Training Activity Documentation guide sheet.

3. You must submit all pages of your FBI personal criminal history record report that has been issued within the previous 12 months. If currently employed with the DCPS agency, your clearance status shall be made available to OSSE electronically.  You do not need to upload a background report unless otherwise required.

4. To all applicants, if you answer “Yes” to any one of the Applicant Background Information questions on your educator credential application, you must submit all related court and/or proceedings documents pertaining to the matter at the time your application is being submitted, even if you have been cleared for employment by your school agency.  Failure to submit these documents may result in the denial of your application.

5. To avoid processing delays or possible rejection of your application, do not submit an application until you have obtained all documents required for the credential you are seeking.