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Early Learning Reports

The Office of the State Superintendent of Education (OSSE), Division of Early Learning (DEL) produces various reports to inform the early childhood education community, including providers, educators and families, on the state of child care in the District. Reports highlight both the strengths and opportunities for improvement for the District’s early care and education system and provide insight into DEL’s performance as it relates to certain key performance indicators. DEL uses the findings of these reports to inform policy and practice and promote access to healthy, safe, equitable and quality child care for all DC families.

Current Data and Reports

Modeling the Cost of Child Care in the District of Columbia

OSSE uses a cost modeling approach to analyze the costs of delivering child care in the District of Columbia to inform policy and practice. The cost estimation model, which is updated every three years, is used to explore the likely costs of delivering services at each level of the District’s Quality Rating and Improvement System (QRIS), Capital Quality, in center and home-based settings that serve children of mixed ages and needs.

The State of Pre-K in the District of Columbia

An annual report on the state of pre-K that describes how the District has supported rigorous efforts to ensure that all 3- and 4-year-olds have access to high-quality early learning.

Child Care Licensing Unit Report

A listing of the licensed child development facilities (i.e., child development centers, homes, and expanded homes) in the District, and information about each facility.

Compensation Scale for the DC Child Care Workforce 

The Birth-to-Three for All DC Act of 2018 (D.C. Official Code § 4-410.01; D.C. Law 22-192) requires OSSE to “develop a competitive lead teacher and teacher assistant compensation scale (“salary scale”) for child development facilities that achieves parity.” In compliance with this requirement, OSSE’s DEL has produced the Compensation Scale for the DC Child Care Workforce report. 

Current Early Childhood Educators Meeting Education Requirements

A quarterly report that presents the numbers and percentage of current early childhood educators in each role who have achieved the minimum education credential for their position as reported by employers in the Division of Early Learning Licensing Tool (DELLT).

Historical Data and Reports

Child Care Report: Cost of Living and Monthly Utilization

An annual report that detailed the impact the cost of living had on the provision of child care services in the District and the monthly utilization during that same period in each category of child care paid for by the District.


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