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Child Development Facilities Listing

Monday, February 8, 2021

The Child Care Licensing Unit Report is a report released by the Division of Early Learning’s Licensing and Compliance Unit on a monthly basis listing all of the licensed child development facilities in the District of Columbia, which includes all licensed child development centers, homes, and expanded homes. The report lists information about each licensed facility like the facility’s name, address, license number, primary contact, phone number, the number of infants and toddlers served, etc.

Unless specifically exempted, every child development facility, regardless of the name by which the facility is designated, must be licensed to operate a childcare facility in the District of Columbia.

  • The following child development services are exempt from obtaining a license to operate a Facility:
  • Occasional babysitting in a babysitter’s home or a child’s home for the children of one family;
  • Care provided in a child’s home by a caregiver paid for by a child’s family;
  • Care provided for more than one child in a Nanny-Share, as defined in this chapter;
  • Informal or occasional parent-supervised play groups;
  • Adult gyms or clubs that provide temporary babysitting as a benefit in order for members to utilize services;
  • Adult education programs that provide child care services while parent(s) are on the same campus as the child attending a class or education program for a temporary period of time;
  • Child-centered businesses that solely provide sessions, classes or activities including, but not limited to, tutoring, music, dance, sport, or art, while parent(s) or guardian(s) remain on the business’ premises;
  • Care provided in places of worship during religious services;
  • Care provided by a related person, as defined in this chapter;
  • Facilities operated by the Federal Government on Federal Government property, except that a private entity utilizing space in or on Federal government property is not exempt unless Federal law specifically exempts the Facility from the District of Columbia’s regulatory authority;
  • A District of Columbia public school or public charter school providing education services to children in grades pre-K-3 through grade 12 during a full school day;
  • A private school providing education services to children in grades pre-K- through grade 12 during the a full school day;  
  • A community-based organization providing only pre-K education services to pre-K age children pursuant to the Pre-k Act and funded by OSSE;
  • Facilities that provide only before school care, only after school care, or only summer camp to school age children; and
  • Facilities otherwise exempted by law.

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