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Adding Teaching Endorsement Certification(s)


An added teaching endorsement is a teacher certification that enables an individual to demonstrate their qualifications to teach in an additional subject area. Only individuals who hold an active primary standalone teaching credential are eligible to earn an endorsement.

General requirements

An individual may add additional teaching endorsements using the exam-only option. This option requires submission of an added endorsement application that includes passing scores for the Praxis subject content and pedagogy exams required for the endorsement subject area. The individual must hold an active Office of the State Superintendent of Education (OSSE) primary standalone teaching credential in another subject, that is not due to expire within 60 days of the application for the endorsement.

Required documents:

  • An Identity History Summary Check (IHSC) issued by the FBI or an approved FBI channeler agency. If employed with DC Public Schools (DCPS), make sure the DCPS central office has made your clearance information available to OSSE electronically. (Required if clearance information on file with OSSE is no longer valid); and
  • Passing test scores for the applicable subject content and pedagogy exam(s) required for the teaching area of the credential; or
  • For subject areas where OSSE has not adopted a subject content exam, applicants must submit test scores for the required pedagogy exam and official transcripts verifying a completed a degree with a major in the area of the added endorsement.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a primary standalone teaching credential?
A primary standalone teaching credential is a certification that means the individual has successfully completed the full sequence of state requirements in the respective teaching area, which include: completion of an approved program of coursework study, evidence of educator effectiveness, supervised teaching experiences, and the full set of certification exams required for that area.
What is the validity period for an added endorsement credential?
An added endorsement credential is valid for four years from the date issued and is renewable.
Can I renew an endorsement?
Yes, added endorsement credentials are renewable every four years based on the submission of a complete credential renewal application. Renewal applications must include all required documents that meet any one of the available renewal pathways. Additional information is detailed at Credential Renewal | osse (
In which subject areas can I earn an added teaching endorsement?
Added teaching endorsement certifications are issued in the available subject areas listed for classroom teacher credentials.
Can added teaching endorsements be added to other educator credential types?
No, adding additional teaching endorsements is only allowed for teacher certification areas. Applicants may not add a teaching endorsement based on holding an active school service provider and/or school administrator credential.