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One-Year Provisional Teacher Credential


The one-year provisional credential provides aspiring DC teachers with a pathway to a credential, while simultaneously requiring successful demonstration of basic skills prior to its issuance. This credential is valid for one year from the date of issuance. It is non-renewable and available only to individuals who have never previously held an initial or a standard DC teacher credential.


  • An earned bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university, or its equivalent if the degree was completed at an institution outside of the United States (US);
  • Demonstration of basic skills as evidenced by either of the following:
    • A 3.0 or higher grade-point average (GPA) on a 4.0 grading scale earned for the bachelor’s degree. Graduate degree GPA’s are not considered, OR
    • Passing scores for the reading, writing, and mathematics portion of an approved basic skills examination. See DC educator testing flyer for approved basic skills exam options;
  • Current employment as a regular classroom teacher or evidence of a conditional offer of employment as a teacher with a DC local education agency (LEA);
  • Meet satisfactory background requirements; and
  • Have not previously been issued a DC teaching credential in any subject area.

Required Documents

  • Official transcripts from the institution where a conferred bachelor’s degree was earned OR the official foreign transcript evaluation report if the institution attended is outside the US.
  • All pages of the official examinee score report to confirm passing scores for an approved basic skills exam. Required if you do not present documentation demonstrating a 3.0 or higher GPA for the bachelor’s degree.
  • DC LEA Request Form for a one-year provisional credential signed by the school principal or designated hiring official at the DC LEA where employed or where a conditional employment offer has been issued.

Preparing to Submit an Application

  1. Contact all institutions or agencies responsible for issuing official copies of the required application documents and request that those documents be sent to you.
  2. Scan all required documents as complete PDF files. If the issuing agency sends paper documents, you must open the mailer and then scan all pages of the document into a complete PDF file.
  3. When you have collected all required documents needed for this credential, you may submit an application to apply for the credential at that time.
  4. Visit the How to Apply page.

Apply Now - Educator Credentialing and Certification

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I eligible for the one-year, provisional credential if I have a bachelor’s degree, but have not earned at least a 3.0 GPA on a 4.0 scale from an accredited college or university or passed an approved basic skills exam?

No, applicants must meet either the 3.0 or higher GPA on a 4.0 scale or the basic skills certification exam requirements to qualify for the one-year, provisional credential.

If my initial or standard teaching credential is expired can I apply for the one-year, provisional credential?

No, the one-year provisional credential is available only to applicants who have never previously held a DC teacher credential. Applicants with expired teaching credentials must meet current requirements to upgrade and/or renew their lapsed certification.

Can I qualify for the one-year, provisional credential by combining a GPA that is a little less than 3.0 with partial passing scores for the basic skills exam?

No, applicants must completely satisfy the 3.0 GPA requirement OR possess passing scores for each portion of the basic skills certification exams.

Who is eligible for the one-year, provisional credential?

  • Applicants seeking their first DC educator credential of any kind are eligible.
  • Applicants who have never held a DC “teacher” credential of any kind are eligible.
  • Applicants who currently hold or have previously held a DC school pupil services provider or school administrator credential but have never held a DC teacher credential are eligible.