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Healthy Youth Resource Guide

The Office of the State Superintendent of Education (OSSE) enthusiastically announces the release of the Healthy Youth Resource Guide. Working in conjunction with the District of Columbia of Public Schools and the Public Charter School Board, OSSE created an adolescent health services and support directory as a guidance tool for both District school staff and youth serving organizations. In addition to providing this guide, OSSE has also developed an online referral tracking system to assist District school staff and organizations link youth to adolescent health services and support. To learn more about the Healthy Youth Resource Guide and other services related to the guide, please contact [email protected].

What is the Healthy Youth Resource Guide?

The Healthy Youth Resource Guide is a directory that assists users to identify youth serving organizations, which offer sexual health services and other care within the District. Users of this guide include school staff (i.e. school health clinicians and classroom educators) and community stakeholders who serve youth. The guide also offers assistance on how users can navigate the referral process to encourage and instruct youth on seeking care.  

How do I use the Healthy Youth Resource Guide?

Users will be able to:

  • Navigate through the directory from the service categories to identify the providers.
  • Find youth friendliness of sexual health services.
  • Read recommended tips on how to overcome barriers for youth to access services.
  • Receive recommended steps on how to successfully make a referral.
  • Identify the District’s Minor’s Rights to Health Services.

School Health Provider Network

The School Health Providers Network is a group of key partners that provide essential wellness services to youth, which includes (but not limited to): sexual health, mental health, academic success and/or adult preparation and other services. These partners are highlighted within the Healthy Youth Resource Guide as a member of the School Health Provider Network so that all District of Columbia schools and youth serving organizations can directly refer youth to their services as needed. The benefits of being a part of the School Health Providers Network includes, partnering with OSSE and other agencies to improve the District’s youth access to key youth-friendly health services and support. Providers will also help promote positive health

behaviors that will ultimately reduce youth’s risk to negative health outcomes and poor academic achievements. Partners of the network will also have opportunities to receive support from OSSE and colleagues on how to better work with schools and youth. If an organization is interested in joining the School Health Provider Network, they can send an email to [email protected].