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Environmental Literacy Leadership Cadre

Established in February 2016, OSSE’s Environmental Literacy Leadership Cadre is a group of individuals from public and public charter schools across the District who are responsible for developing a plan to implement the Environmental Literacy Framework at their schools and coordinating its implementation.

Who: The 2024-2026 Leadership Cadre is the fifth cohort of schools that will work with OSSE’s environmental literacy program. OSSE will select school-based educators, with each participating school having a maximum of two educators in the Leadership Cadre. Selection criteria will include (a) teaching experience; (b) grade levels taught; (c) subject matter expertise; (d) letter of recommendation from administration; and (e) writing sample. In addition, individuals will be selected to serve as mentors. Mentors will have expertise and guidance in developing school-based environmental literacy programs.

What: The Leadership Cadre, in partnership with OSSE, will meet to (a) receive comprehensive professional development related to Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), (b) develop a school-based environmental literacy program to implement student-driven, place-based projects that use the school building and grounds as teaching tools, (c) network with others to discuss creating systems of support for environmental literacy implementation in schools; and (d) disseminate information about environmental literacy to their community and garner feedback on the school-based environmental literacy program.

Outcomes: By bringing together local expertise, OSSE will understand how to better integrate environmental literacy into school curricula and provide rich experiences to students that will lead to improved academic performance of students.

When: Educators will meet monthly over the 2024-25 and 2025-26 school years beginning in late September 2024.

Commitment: Selected educators are expected to attend and fully participate in the monthly meetings (estimated 2 hours per session). Educators and mentors will communicate with each other once per month outside of the monthly meetings. In addition, educators are expected to deliver and refine (with school colleagues) the environmental literacy program developed at their school last year.

Incentives: All participants from Cohort 5 schools will be paid a stipend upon successful completion of the project. Stipend amounts will be based on the number of representatives from one school and available funds. Mentors will also receive a stipend.

Additional information: OSSE may select up to two applicants to represent one school. Educators from schools represented in previous cohorts are ineligible to apply if the original cadre member is still employed at that school. If you are interested but are unsure if your school is eligible, please email [email protected].

Alumni schools: Four cohorts of schools have participated in the leadership cadre and are featured in these snapshots.

What participants have said:

  • “Our school had many pieces that were exceptional when it came to environmental education. However, we had never tracked what this looked like at each grade level. Creating an Environmental Literacy Plan for our school allowed us to step back and truly look at what we were doing well, where we had gaps and what we could do to ensure that all grade levels had meaningful environmental program. It was also helpful to work with teachers at other schools who were going through the same process. We learned from one another to provide the best programs for our students and ultimately make our schools great places for environmental education.”– Teacher, Maury Elementary School, DCPS
  • “The Environmental Literacy Leadership Cadre has helped to facilitate deeper work around not only curriculum, but best practices in our school. It has been amazing to work with educators in multiple grade levels, to help bring lasting change to Capital City.”– Teacher, Capital City PCS
  • With the help of our environmental literacy partners, we have had the unique opportunity to offer our students a special connection to their environment and the world around them. What a pleasure it is to see our students begin to own their responsibilities as stewards of their local community! The link to our students’ social-emotional development has been especially important. Through the environmental literacy program, our students have cultivated patience, persistence, and kindness.”– Teacher, Simon Elementary, DCPS
  • “I am so impressed by how my students have embraced this idea of sustainability. It has been such an adventure to see them get involved, and get passionate about our Earth. I hope that we can continue to be changemakers in schools, and then even more so in our community!”–Teacher, Center City PCS - Brightwood

Application: Interested educators should complete an application no later than Friday, May 31. Participants will be selected by June 14.

Part 1: Complete online form here.
Part 2: Submit the following documents via email to [email protected].

  • Resume
  • Personal statement
  • Letter of Endorsement/Support from a member of the school leadership team

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