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On Site Visit Required Exhibits

Updated: Tuesday, March 5, 2019

The exhibits listed in the pages that follow are critical for review team members to examine during the on-site visit. Please note that the quality of these exhibits will determine their degree of utility for teams. While this list covers most of the exhibits needed by teams, it is not exhaustive. Educator Preparation Providers may provide additional materials based on their specific context; however, units should limit their exhibits to those indicated below. If the exhibits presented are not providing evidence that a standard is met, the Site Review Team (SRT) may ask the EPP for additional information.

Exhibits should be organized by each element of a standard to assist SRT members in finding the evidence. In some instances, one exhibit may address more than one element, or be related to more than one standard. In the case of documents one to ten pages in length, the EPP should prepare enough duplicates so that one copy can be included for each standard/element the document proposes to address.

For larger items containing more than 10 pages in length, the EPP should provide only one copy of the document to the review team, but show clear cross-referencing to each standard/element the document proposes to address. Educator Preparation Providers are encouraged but not obligated to make exhibits available to review teams electronically prior to the visit. This can be done via a CD, flash drive, or online. In either case it is important to ensure that documents are clearly organized by standard and element, and that if made available online, links take the user to the intended documents or pages in a long document.

During the visit, site review teams will also expect to have the opportunity to interview key institutional officials and external partners, as well as candidates, graduates, and employers, if applicable. These interviews play a critical role in assisting review team members in validating the information presented in the Organizational Report and in the exhibits. Following the list of exhibits is a list of individuals and groups that should be available to be interviewed by the review team.

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