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DC Futures Coaching Grant & Emergency Fund Information

DC Futures is a new program, and as additional information becomes available, this page and related content will be updated.

The DC Futures Program (DC Futures) provides students with the critical support they need to successfully enroll in classes and complete a degree program through the provision of college coaching services administered by grant-funded community-based organizations (CBOs) or colleges or universities, as well as partnering with a vendor to coordinate an emergency fund program for DC Futures participants.

DC Futures Coaching Grant Recipients (FY22)

Two CBOs were selected through a competitive grant application process to receive funding to provide coaching services to 1,500 DC Futures participants. Fiscal year 2022 grant awards include:

Organization (Grantee) Grant Award Total* Number of DC Futures Students Assigned
JMG Productions, Inc. $2,661,204 1,000
Associates for Renewal in Education $1,330,602 500

*In addition to funds to support programming, grant award totals include $1,500 per assigned student per academic year to be divided and distributed as monthly coaching participation stipends. More information on stipends can be found below.

Documents, including the full Request for Applications (RFA) and post award materials, provided to grant applicants can be accessed on the DC Futures Coaching Grant 2021 publications page.

Coaching Requirements for DC Futures Participants

To be eligible for DC Futures students are required to participate in a college coaching program.

  • Participants will be assigned to DC Futures College Coaching provider grantees by OSSE after accepting the program terms.
  • DC Futures participants will be required to engage with their coach at least once per month.
  • If a participant already has a college coach or mentor from an approved entity, the participant may work with their assigned DC Futures coach to submit the Alternative Coaching Approval form that affirms that the participant is receiving services that are comparable to those the participant would have received from the assigned DC Futures coach.

Coaching Participation Stipends

Coaching participation stipends will be administrated by each DC Futures participant’s designated coaching provider on a monthly basis. Coaching participation stipends are contingent upon participants’ monthly engagement with their assigned coaching partner.

Each provider may have their own process for disbursing these funds.

Program Type Annual Stipend Cap Lifetime Stipend Cap
Associate or two-year degree $1,500 $6,000
Bachelor's or four-year degree $1,500 $9,000

DC Futures Coaching Grant Documents and Resources

Coaching Grant Report Templates

Coaching Participants Alternative Coaching Approval (ACA) Templates

Emergency Fund Award

Emergency fund awards will be administrated by a designated emergency fund provider, selected by OSSE. The provider will determine eligibility and disburse funds as available based on guidance in the provider solicitation. These funds are capped at $2,000 annually regardless of the participant’s program type (two- or four-year degree).

Emergency funds can be applied towards unexpected expenses related to cost of attendance (such as food, housing, course materials, technology, healthcare, or childcare). DC Futures participants applying for this funding will be expected to provide supporting documentation of the expense and explanation of the unexpected nature of this expense.

In addition to annual emergency funds students may apply to the emergency fund vendor to receive one-time funds to pay a previous year’s unpaid balance at another college or university. These funds are intended to enable DC Futures participants to access transcripts and credits that can be applied to their current program. Students can receive up to $1,500 in total for these purposes. This amount can be applied across multiple institutions. Students will be required to submit documents demonstrating their need to the emergency fund vendor in order to access these funds.

If you have questions or need support, please reach out to Christina Beal at [email protected].