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Capital LEAF (Leaders in Environmental Actions for our Future) Physical Environment Resources

Students, teachers, and administrators should have access to a safe, healthy, clean, and comfortable school that is conducive to learning. A school’s physical environment covers a wide range of issues from indoor air quality, safe drinking water, to cleaning products, some of which are mandated by federal and local laws, such as the DC Healthy Schools Act. Communicating to parents and staff the environmental health of your school will provide a sense of accountability, inspire change, and celebrate accomplishments.

When a school environment is unhealthy, students may be exposed to harmful pollutants and chemicals that may cause their health, attendance, and academic performance to suffer. This focus area is about creating a healthy physical environment at the school. Environmental health is a broad topic and covers many areas including cleaning and maintenance, mold and moisture, chemical and environmental contaminant hazards, ventilation, and pests and pesticides. Poor environmental health can impact student learning and staff performance.

Lesson Plans: Consider utilizing one or more of the following curricula resources to teach about your school’s physical environment.

Indoor Air Quality

Water Quality

Student Audits and Actions: Consider utilizing one or more of the following resources to encourage student action to enhance the physical environment at your school.

Indoor Air Quality

Water Quality

Celebratory Events: Consider bringing awareness to your school’s Physical Environment initiatives by celebrating these national/international awareness days at your school.

Teacher Resources: Consider taking advantage of the following resources to address Physical Environment at your school.

Indoor Air Quality

Water Quality

Contacts: Consider reaching out to the following contacts for questions regarding your school’s physical environment.

  • School Custodial Team/Building Engineer: To learn more about the maintenance of the school’s physical environment contact your school’s Custodial Foreman. The building engineer may also be able to provide additional information.

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