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2017 DC YRBS Data Files

The 2017 District of Columbia Youth Risk Behavior Survey (YRBS) was administered between February and June 2017. Upon completing the data collection in participating DC middle and high schools, OSSE submitted raw data and answer sheets to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for final cleaning, weighting, and high level analysis. In November 2017, OSSE received from the CDC the summary data files and graphs below. These files describe survey results for every variable in the 2017 survey as well as initial trend analysis.

In an effort to provide timely, actionable data to local education agencies and community partners working in these important domains of youth health and wellness, OSSE is releasing the initial CDC-generated files before the OSSE-produced 2017 Report becomes available. (The 2017 DC YRBS Report will be available in early spring 2018 and will include deeper analysis of subgroup results and trends around youth risk behavior.)

The files can be downloaded below and contain tabulations, graphs, and technical documentation to understand the survey results, create new materials, and conduct secondary data analyses.

Middle School

High School

A note on suppression:

  • For data on subgroups related to sexual orientation or questions related to sexual behavior or orientation, data is suppressed at n<10 in the numerator and/or n<30 in the denominator.
  • For all other data and subgroups, data is suppressed at n<30 in the denominator.
  • In state-wide summary statistics with race and gender subgroups, data is suppressed at n<100 in the denominator.
  • Demographic statistics are not suppressed at any level.

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