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DC Futures Information for Partner Universities

The DC Futures Program has several stages through its program year. As additional information becomes available, this page and related content will be updated.

DC Futures Program (DC Futures) partners with three partner universities. Institutions may not apply to be eligible for their students to participate in DC Futures.

  • Catholic University of America
  • Trinity Washington University
  • University of the District of Columbia/University of the District of Columbia – Community College

These partner universities manage three components of the DC Futures Program for enrolled DC Futures participants: scholarship awards, emergency fund requests and prior year unpaid balance requests.

Scholarship Responsibilities

OSSE requests that each eligible university provide support through its financial aid office in sharing the opportunity with eligible students. Student eligibility requirements can be found here.

If you represent one of these universities and would like to discuss the program or the invoice process, please contact the DC Futures Program Manager, Melanie Fleming by email at [email protected] or (202) 741-6406.

University Payment Processes

This process is managed in the Application for Postsecondary Studies (APS).

Invoicing and Payments

OSSE will provide DC Futures funding directly to each university. Universities are required to submit a completed payment request (invoice) for each DC Futures recipient each semester, with a detailed cost breakdown.

OSSE provides payment requests (invoices) each semester to each participating university in the form of a list of accepted DC Futures participants (as indicated on the DC Futures participant’s application). OSSE requests the university review and confirm the enrollment and major of each DC Futures participant as soon as possible to avoid delays in students’ course scheduling timeline. Universities may then follow-up with a request for payment starting the day after the course add/drop deadline for that university each semester. To ensure payment is completed in a timely manner, OSSE will include with the original payment request language indicating that the university must submit final invoices no later than Feb. 1 following the fall semester, and no later than Aug. 1 following the spring/summer semester.

OSSE is not responsible for a university’s failure to timely and/or properly request payment on behalf of a DC Futures recipient. It is the student’s responsibility to work with the university to ensure its timely and proper submission of their payment request. Untimely or improperly submitted payment requests may prevent an eligible student from receiving their DC Futures award or from receiving their award in a timely fashion.

Scholarship Repayment

There are two ways DC Futures may identify the need for a university to reimburse OSSE for a DC Futures award. First, OSSE may calculate lifetime or annual award timelines and amounts and find that a student has received more than the maximum allowed. In this case, OSSE will request repayment from the university that the student most recently attended.

Second, if a student is included on the payment request from the university and is then found not to be enrolled at that university or is then found to be enrolled in a major that is not on the approved list, OSSE will notify the university of the reimbursement amount.

University Responsibilities

Partner universities will be required to complete a program participation agreement with OSSE to outline terms of participation, data and reporting requirements, and other policies related to university participation in DC Futures.

The universities must agree not to request from or charge any student a fee for processing or handling any application, form, or data required to determine a student’s eligibility for, and amount of, financial assistance, including reimbursement to OSSE for amounts over the lifetime and annual award amounts and timelines.


Should a university receive a reimbursement request from OSSE, they may appeal within 15 days in the APS. OSSE will respond in APS with a determination for each appeal within 15 days of receiving the university’s appeal request.

This funding is a last-dollar award and eligible students, through their financial aid office, must demonstrate they have exhausted all other funding available to them.

Program Point of Contact

For more information or questions, please contact Melanie Fleming at [email protected] or (202) 741-6406.

Emergency Fund and Previous Years’ Unpaid Balance Payment

In August 2022, OSSE executed memoranda of understanding (MOUs) with the three university partners, wherein the universities agreed to support their enrolled DC Futures students requests for emergency funds to cover up to $2,000 in emergency expenses (each year of participation) in addition to a one-time request to pay a previously unpaid balance at another college or university (up to $1,500).

University partners are responsible for:

(1) determining eligibility and conducting outreach for the emergency funds and previous years’ unpaid balance (PYUB) at another college or university payments among DC Futures students enrolled at the partner university;

(2) managing DC Future student request processes for both the emergency funds and previous years’ unpaid balance payments, including developing and implementing review and approval processes for both fund types;

(3) managing the disbursement of funds, as available, based on the application materials provided for DC Futures students enrolled at the partner university;

(4) managing funds received from OSSE in accordance with DC and federal guidance and fulfil related reporting requirements; and

(5) partnering with OSSE and other entities to identify program improvements.

The emergency funds and previous years’ unpaid balance payments are available to any DC Futures student enrolled at the university partner during fiscal year. In most fiscal years this will include two award year groups at two time periods.

In FY22 and FY23, partner universities are required to notify DC Futures students enrolled with the university partner of the availability of emergency funds, the process for requesting funds, and any required documentation. Universities may receive up to the following amounts, by fiscal year.

IHE Fixed Cost Emergency Fund + Tuition Balance Expenses FY22 Total Amount in MOU for DV
Catholic $45,000.00 $166,825.66 $211,825.66
Trinity $45,000.00 $302,220.39 $347,220.39
UDC $45,000.00 $265,953.95 $310,953.95
Total $135,000.00 $735,000.00 $870,000.00


IHE Fixed Cost Emergency Fund + Tuition Balance Expenses FY23 Total Amount in MOU for DV
Catholic $45,000.00 $249,580.49 $294,580.49
Trinity $45,000.00 $452,138.57 $497,138.57
UDC $45,000.00 $397,881.94 $442,881.94
Total $135,000.00 $1,099,601.00 $1,234,601.00

Questions regarding the MOUs should be directed to Christina Beal via email at [email protected].