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Session 5: Teaching in the Garden: Getting Creative with Standards-based Lessons

This webinar session will focus on how teachers can incorporate fun, engaging, standards-based lessons while teaching in the school garden. Learn about how you can incorporate food and garden-based lessons in your classroom, both virtually, and in person.

Resources for this webinar recording can be viewed by following the steps below:

  1. Create a free Schoology account;
  2. Add the course using the menu in the upper left-hand corner;
  3. Use the Access Code SC64-MJKW-9SFBC to add the Summer Institute Course;
  4. Click on the folder labeled Live Webinars and Recordings; and
  5. Select a webinar to watch.

Having issues accessing the Schoology website? Review this video that walks you through the process.

Outline with timestamps:

  • Introduction 0:00
  • Teaching science standards 5:50
  • The school garden as an interdisciplinary space 37:20
  • Garden-based curriculum across grade levels 1:30:00
  • Q and A 1:14:25
  • Cool teaching tools 1:20:00


  • Susan Bandler, Curriculum Consultant, FoodPrints (FreshFarm);
  • Serenity Rain, Lead Teacher, FoodPrints (FreshFarm);
  • Lee Coykendall, Senior Education Specialist, US Botanic Garden;
  • Emily Hestness, Urban Agriculture Specialist, US Botanic Garden; and
  • Brianne Studer, Director of Programs, Washington Youth Garden.

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