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District of Columbia Releases Findings of 2012 One City Summer Initiative

Monday, November 19, 2012
Over 40,000 Youth Participated in 2012 One City Summer Programming

In 2011, Mayor Gray instituted a cross-agency approach to summer programming. Safety and structure for children, youth, and families were hallmarks of this effort. Building on 2011, the 2012 One City Summer Initiative (OCSI) more clearly defined the city’s approach to providing meaningful, safe, and engaging summer experiences for more than 40,227 youth, particularly the 8,099 who attended programs located in high-crime, target neighborhoods.

The five youth- and family-related goals undergirding OCSI were:
1. Workforce Development: Youth will gain meaningful work and career exposure, experience and skills.
2. Academic Achievement: Youth will increase their academic knowledge and skills and increase their chance of academic advancement.
3. Healthy Lifestyles: Youth will increasingly adopt healthy lifestyles.
4. Safety: Youth will have a safe summer experience.
5. Strengthening Families: Opportunities will be provided to strengthen youth and family bonds.

The findings from the 2012 summer programming indicate that the initiative was a success:

  • The youth survey indicated that 96% of participating youth were satisfied with the type of programs and activities offered during the summer; and 71% would recommend the program to their friends.
  • Violent crimes declined in the target areas: homicide (-70%); robbery (-15%); armed burglary (-25%). Juvenile arrests for select violent crimes also decreased by an average of 40% in the target areas.

Read the full report at: http://www.cyitc.org/elements/file/2012%20One%20City%20Summer-FINAL10.31.12.pdf