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FFVP Allowable/Non-allowable Expenditures

Allowable Expenditures

Operating Cost

  • Fresh fruits and vegetables (85 – 100 percent of total grant award)
  • Whole pieces – requiring preparation/ready to eat
  • Pre-packaged, ready to eat individual portions
  • Pre-cut bulk packaged
  • Cooked vegetables – vegetables not normally eaten raw, can be cooked as part of a nutrition education lesson not more than once per week
  • Low-fat and non-fat dips for vegetables only (No more than two tablespoons)
  • Non-food items
  • Paper supplies: napkins, plates/boats, soufflé cups
  • Plastic eating utensils
  • Cutting boards
  • Serving bowls and trays
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Trash bags
  • Wages/salaries and benefits for employee who do tasks of washing, chopping produce, preparing trays, distributing produce to classrooms, setting up stations, vending machines, and cleanup.

Administrative Costs (up to 10 percent of total grant award)

  • Purchasing or leasing equipment used for FFVP, or repair of FFVP-designated equipment:
  • Refrigerators
  • Coolers
  • Portable kiosks and food bars
  • Small and large carts
  • Food tote bags
  • Wages/salaries and benefits for employees who perform administrative tasks for the FFVP (financial reports, write menus, coordinate nutrition promotion activities)

Non-Allowable Expenditures

  • Food items: Herbs, regular butter, dip for fruit, fruit leather, jellied fruit, trail mix, nuts, cottage cheese, fruit or vegetable pizza, smoothies, other non-fresh fruit or vegetable related food (i.e. pizza dough to make fruit pizza, yogurt and granola for fruit parfaits, jarred salsa to add to avocado chunks)
  • Nutrition education materials
  • Promotional items (including postage)
  • Marketing materials
  • Travel costs (field trip transportation, mileage reimbursement for picking up produce from a local farm, etc.)
  • Field trip activity costs

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