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Chapter A-80 Regulations Governing Degree-Granting Institutions Operating or Incorporated in the District of Columbia

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Education Licensure Commission (ELC) (Commission), pursuant to authority set forth in sections 6(b)(3) and 11 of the Education Licensure Commission Act of 1976 (the Act), effective April 6, 1977 (D.C. Law 1-104: D.C. Official Code §§ 38-1306(b)(3) and 38-1311 (2010 Supp.)), and Mayor’s Order 89-120, dated May 31, 1989; and the State Superintendent of Education pursuant to section 3(b) of the State Education Office Establishment Act of 2000, effective October 21, 2000 (D.C. Law 13-176; D.C. Official Code § 38-2602(b) (2010 Supp.)), hereby gives notice of final rulemaking action to amend Chapter 80,”Postsecondary Degree Granting Educational Institutions”, of Title 5, Subtitle A,” Office of the State Superintendent of Education”, of the District of Columbia Municipal Regulations (DCMR). The Office of the State Superintendent of Education is responsible for overseeing the functions and activities of the Commission. In this regard the Superintendent reviewed this rulemaking which was approved by the Commission at a public meeting on July 13, 2009. The rulemaking establishes a new licensing fee schedule, updates standards, and revises licensing requirements for postsecondary degree granting educational institutions located in the District of Columbia.