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USDA School Nutrition Program Training References


Professional Standards Rule Webinar
1 hour
Explains the purpose and requirements of the rule, flexibilities allowed, and useful resources.

The Reinvented Administrative Review Process Webinar
1.5 hours
An overview of the administrative review process. Includes how the review has changed, what the review covers, general timelines, required documentation and specific processes for before, during and after the on-site review.

Verification of Eligibility for Child Nutrition Program Benefits
1 hour
Basic review of steps involved in the verification process including practice activities and frequently asked questions.

School Meals Policy Memos
Contains policy memos for the National School Lunch Program, School Breakfast Program and the Special Milk Program to help keep you up to date.

Local School Wellness Policy
2 hours
Webinar and handouts that provide nutrition professionals and other key players in the school and community an opportunity to hear the school wellness policy information. Requirements for a wellness policy are discussed and steps to achieving a successful plan are included.

*Indicates written material

Nutrition Education

What’s Right For Kids 2: Building a Healthy School Nutrition Environment
*29 pages
This packet provides schools with ideas and resources to improve the school nutrition environment. There are resources to help encourage students, parents, and teachers to create a better school nutrition environment. There are also mini case studies with examples of schools implementing healthy options.

Fruit & Vegetables Galore: Helping Kids Eat More
*7 lessons
A tool for school foodservice professionals with tips on planning, purchasing, protecting, preparing, presenting and promoting fruits and vegetables. Use all these materials to get students excited about eating healthfully.

MyPlate Online Course
3-4 hours
This course is designed to provide specific information about the MyPlate icon and a brief explanation of the significance of each part of the design.

*Indicates written material

Menu Planning/Meal Patterns

Meal Pattern Training Workbook
*~45 pages
Provides an overview of the Meal Pattern and is part of the Recognizing a Reimbursable Meal training resource. The workbook offers opportunities to practice categorizing vegetables among subgroups, analyzing whole grain rich products, and identifying reimbursable versus non-reimbursable meals.

Breakfast Meal Pattern Training Workbook
*~30 pages
Similar to the meal pattern training workbook with a focus on School Breakfast Program.

Offer Versus Serve: Lunch Webinar
<1 hour
Provides a general review of Offer Versus Serve (OVS) regulations and definitions, as well as information on the application of OVS to lunchtime menu planning and meal service. Questions regarding various situations are addressed and specific lunch menu examples are given. (All grade levels)

Meal Claiming Requirements Webinar
<1 hour
A review of meal counting and claiming requirements, specifically addressing CRE review findings that may result in fiscal action. In addition, changes required as a result of new menu planning regulations. Offers an opportunity to learn more about serving line changes needed to align with new USDA school menu planning requirements. Accompanying handouts available.

Meal Pattern Changes for 2014-2015 Breakfast and Lunch
<1 hour
USDA published new regulations in January 2012 that phased in new meal requirements for the National School Lunch and Breakfast Programs over several years. In School Year 2014-2015, full implementation of the new school meal requirements will be completed with the exception of sodium.

Farm to School
*~25 slides
Part of a School Nutrition Program webinar series, covers procurement, student education, and school gardens within the context of farm to school. Includes many resources and tips for success.

Salad Bars: A Successful Menu Planning Tool Webinar
<30 mins
Reviews the various requirements necessary for successful implementation of salad bars in schools. Topics covered include portion size, salad bar set up, menu production records, point of service, and food safety. Accompanying handouts are also available.

Verifying Product Formulation Statements for Purchased Food Items
1 hour
Reinforces the importance of meeting the meal pattern when using purchased food products. The issue of why we need to validate the contribution of processed foods toward the meal pattern is covered along with CN labeling and how to validate a product formulation statement (PFS).

*Indicates written material

Food Safety

Frequent Food Safety Violations Webinar
<1 hour
Covers various aspects of food safety including time/temperature, labeling/storage, food donation, garden harvesting, and cleaning practices. Includes practice questions throughout presentation.

HACCP: Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point Information Center
<1 hour
Website provides print materials, videos, and songs to reinforce the HACCP and Food Safety message for school foodservice professionals and students. Two ten minute videos on time/temp and cleaning/sanitizing are available.

*2 pages
A brochure that provides information about how to keep food safe from bacteria using hand-washing, proper temperatures, and safe handling. Available in English and Spanish.

Everyone Plays a P.A.R.T. in Norovirus Control
<1 hour
Communication and training resources that identify tools needed to understand the risks associated with norovirus and prevention strategies in school and child care nutrition program settings. 20 minute video available.

*Indicates written material