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OSSE Tuition Payment

The online tuition payment service is an electronic invoice and payment service that enables OSSE to present tuition bills and receive electronic tuition payments from parents. 

The service can process payments from Checking and Savings accounts as well as Credit or Debit Cards.  The accepted credit card types are Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

Parents can access the online tuition payment service via a link from the OSSE website. Once on the payment site, a parent will need to register in order to make tuition payments online. A student id and zip code are required for registration.

To register, a parent will be asked to;

  • Create a login id and password,
  • Setup or change the Challenge/Response questions.
  • Save bank account or card information for future payments.

The system uses Email Addresses to send notifications and a parent will be required to provide one.

Previously enrolled parents can use previously saved payment methods (bank accounts, credit cards) to make payments. They can also view a history of previous payments made.  There is a date range to allow parents to filter the results.  Each payment includes a status and a reference number.

Parents can maintain their profile information.  They can update the email address at which they will receive alerts, and reset their password by emailing [email protected].

Parents can set up automatic payments. There are two types of automatic payments are available: 

  • Automatic Bill Payment – automatically pays an invoice on specified number of days before the invoice is due.  This may also called a ‘triggered’ bill payment. An exception can be set to prevent the payment if the invoice exceeds a user-specified limit.
  • Recurring Account Payments – automatically pay a preset amount to the student’s account on a recurring schedule. The payment schedule can be weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.  A parent can setup a recurring payment to continue until canceled, or to terminate on a specified date. This is also called a recurring payment.

As an enrolled user a parent can choose to receive an alert when a new bill is loaded into the system. They can select the number of days before the bill’s due date, so they will receive an alert before the bill is due.

For automated payments, parents will automatically receive an alert as follows:

  • When recurring payment has occurred.
  • When a recurring payment fails.
  • When a bill-triggered payment has occurred.
  • When a bill-triggered payment fails.

Online Payment FAQs

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