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ODR Special Education Facilitated Resolution Meeting and Facilitated IEP Meeting

A Facilitated Resolution Meeting (FRM) is a new offering by the Office of the State Superintendent of Education (OSSE) that provides an opportunity for parents and schools to resolve due process complaint issues with a Settlement Agreement, prior to a due process hearing. Facilitated resolution meetings are a rapidly growing resource designed to assist schools and parents who may be experiencing difficulties in resolving special education disputes. As of June 3, 2013, the Office of the State Superintendent of Education will begin offering the opportunity for facilitated resolution whenever a due process complaint is filed. The OSSE Office of Dispute Resolution will be managing this process.

A Facilitated Individualized Education Program (FIEP) Meeting is when the parent, IEP team, and  neutral facilitator discuss and develop a special education plan for a student. The student remains the focus of the discussion, and the student’s education is decided by those who know the student best, rather than a hearing officer. The ODR provides a facilitator to maintain open communication among all members and assist the members in resolving conflicts that may have come up in the past or arise during the meeting. This method may maximize the potential to develop a comprehensive plan for the student and improve the relationship between the parents and school. Facilitation is offered at no cost to the parents or school.

Request a Facilitated IEP Meeting

Why Choose an Facilitated Meeting: Facilitation promotes consensus-building. It affords the parents and school personnel an opportunity to fully and meaningfully participate in the discussions in a non-confrontational environment. The process is voluntary and does not preclude the parties from initiating a due process hearing. However, if a hearing later occurs, the facilitated discussion may well have narrowed disagreements and clarified points of agreement between the parties, which can lead to a more focused, effective and efficient due process hearing.

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