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Home and Hospital Instruction

Home and Hospital Instruction
Home and hospital programs allow students to continue academic instruction in core subjects while they are unable to be present at school. The Students’ Right to Home and Hospital Instruction Act of 2020 requires every local education agency (LEA) in the District of Columbia to adopt and implement a home and hospital instruction program beginning in the 2022-23 school year.
Home and hospital regulations became effective on May 12, 2023. View Chapter 25, Students Right to Home and Hospital Instruction here.
LEAs are required to approve and provide home and hospital instruction upon receipt of: (i) a written application from the parent of an enrolled student, and (ii) a medical certification of need signed by a licensed medical professional. The duration of services shall not exceed 60 calendar days unless an extension is granted upon a parent’s request accompanied by recertification of medical need.
To apply for home and hospital instruction, please contact your student’s LEA for additional information on their application process.
Appealing Home and Hospital Decisions
OSSE oversees the appeals and mediation process for home and hospital instruction. appeal process and organizes mandatory mediation for all parties.
An LEA may deny an application for home or hospital instruction only if the application or a medical certification of need is missing or incomplete. Therefore, appeals are limited to instances where the parent asserts that:
  1. the application and medical certification or recertification are complete and/or
  2. the LEA’s decision was not made in accordance with the statute and/or regulations.
If your request for home and hospital instruction was denied, you have the right to appeal the LEA’s decision. To submit an appeal to OSSE, complete the Home and Hospital Instruction Appeal form located here. The form must be submitted to OSSE within 10 calendar days of receipt of the LEA decision. Upon submission, you will receive an email confirmation of your submission and a member of OSSE’s staff will contact you with next steps.
Contact Us
Home and Hospital Instruction policy and guidance is managed within OSSE’s Office of Special Populations and Programs within the Division of Systems and Supports, K-12. For questions or additional information, please email [email protected].