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District of Columbia Immunization Education

The District of Columbia Health Education Standards reflect the changing landscape and needs of students in the District of Columbia. The standards provide a clear, skill-based, and age-appropriate approach to the essential health topics that impact District students (more information available on OSSE's website). As identified in the table below, the Health Education Standards contain several concepts of disease prevention, immune systems, and immunizations (or vaccinations).

Grade Band Health Education Standard
K-2 K- Identify behaviors that promote health and prevent illness (e.g., proper hygiene, proper nutrition, adequate sleep, vaccinations, and exercise).
3-5 3- Identify personal health strategies that reduce illness, including receiving vaccinations.
6-8 6- Recognize the importance of regular visits to a medical home and the maintenance of personal health records (e.g., records regarding vaccinations and wellness visits).
9-12 9- Identify and recommend behaviors that enhance and support the optimal functioning of bodily systems, including the functions of the body’s immune system.

OSSE has identified the following immunization curriculum as aligning with the Health Education Standards. Local education agencies may choose to utilize use this curriculum when teaching concepts of disease prevention, immune systems, and immunizations. OSSE makes no specific endorsement of this curriculum, nor does OSSE guarantee a specific outcome from this curriculum.

For more information and support regarding the District of Columbia Health Education Standards, please contact [email protected].