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Department of Student Transportation: Motor Vehicle Operator

Starting Hourly Rate: $22.48

The Office of the State Superintendent of Education (OSSE) is the State Education Agency for the District of Columbia charged with raising the quality of education for all DC residents. The Division of Student Transportation is responsible for administering safe, reliable, and efficient transportation services for students with disabilities that require it under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). OSSE-DOT provides services for more than 3100 students to schools along nearly 500 bus routes, traveling more than 27,000 miles per day.

The mission of OSSE DOT is to provide safe, reliable, and efficient transportation services that positively support learning opportunities for eligible students from the District of Columbia. The position works under the supervision of a Supervisory Terminal Management Specialist.

This position description depicts generalized duties and responsibilities required of a position with the primarily responsibility for operating one or more motor vehicles, with a gross weight of more than 11,700 kilograms (26,000 pounds) and up to 14,400 kilograms (32,000 pounds) and inspecting the vehicle(s) and other pieces of work-related equipment. Operates gasoline or diesel-powered vehicles including but not limited to: van, buses, and special purpose vehicles equipped with power take off and levers, buttons, pedals, etc., to control equipment. Drives vehicles either on a trip basis or upon regularly established schedule(s) and route(s) to transport material, equipment, and/or personnel. Loads and unloads materials and persons or directs others in this task.

Specific functions of the Motor Vehicle Operator:

The Motor Vehicle Operator is responsible for transporting elementary, middle, and high school students with special needs to and from school. This position operates the school bus. The Motor Vehicle Operator responsibilities include: Drives school buses either on a trip basis or upon regularly established schedule(s) and route(s) to transport students, personnel, materials, and/or equipment. Loads and unloads people or materials or directs others in this task. Checks materials and persons loaded or delivered against records of various types to ensure against errors and obtains signatures of receiving individuals where required.

Keeps trip records or logs showing time of departure, sequence of stops, time of return, trip mileage, gasoline and oil consumption, and similar items. Reports any defects in vehicle operations, accidents, damages, or traffic violations. Makes operational inspection of vehicles for loose parts, damaged or worn tires, and proper air pressure in tires. Routinely checks for adequate gasoline or diesel supply, water in radiator, proper oil level, battery condition and similar items and checks presence and usability of assigned equipment, such as tools, tire changing equipment, fire extinguishers, and first aid kits. May clean assigned vehicle(s).

Key Qualifications:

  • Two (2) years of experience driving a commercial passenger vehicle (e.g. school bus, shuttle bus, passenger van, limousine, etc.) is highly desirable;
  • Must possess and maintain a valid Commercial Driver’s License (with both Passenger “P” & School Bus “S” Endorsements);
  • Must possess and maintain a valid DOT Medical Card;
  • Must possess and maintain valid CPR and First Aid Certifications;
  • High school education/GED or higher is preferred;
  • Demonstrated ability in providing exemplary customer service;
  • Must be able to speak clearly and persuasively in positive or negative situations;
  • Demonstrated skill in exhibiting sound and accurate judgment;
  • Must be able to write clearly and informatively;
  • Must be able to able to read and interpret written information;
  • Must be able to observe safety and security procedures; determine appropriate action beyond guidelines; report potentially unsafe conditions; use special equipment and materials properly;
  • Must be able to work regularly, on time, and commit to extended hours of work when necessary;

Other Significant Factors:

  • This position is designated as a Safety Sensitive position and is subject to mandatory pre-employment and periodic Criminal Background Checks and Traffic Records Checks (as applicable). This position is also subject to mandatory pre-employment and random Drug and Alcohol Testing, including for marijuana. In this position, you may be disqualified from employment based on the presence of marijuana in test results, even if you possess a medical card authorizing the use of medical marijuana.
  • This position is a part-time hourly position of 35 hours per week with a split shift.

Please submit your resume and credentials to [email protected].