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Homeschooling in the District: Student Portfolio Review

In the District of Columbia, homeschooling programs must provide thorough and regular instruction of sufficient duration and, at a minimum, include language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, art, music, health and physical education. Parents/legal guardians are required to maintain a portfolio of the student’s education materials, which includes evidence of the student’s current work in a range of subjects (e.g., writing, completed work in mathematics, and assessments). This portfolio must be maintained for at least one year and be available to OSSE for review, upon request.

At any time, OSSE may request to review the portfolio of educational materials for each student in a homeschooling program. Portfolio review requests are made by OSSE in writing at least 30 days prior to the date of review. Portfolio reviews may be conducted online or in-person at a mutually agreeable time and location (e.g., OSSE’s offices or your local library). For detailed information about how to prepare for a portfolio review, please view the Homeschool Portfolio Review Things to Consider document.

After the portfolio review, OSSE provides parents/legal guardians with written feedback on portfolio materials shared during your review highlighting strengths and areas for growth. If the program review demonstrates that the homeschooling program is not meeting the minimum requirements, OSSE will provide parents/legal guardians with a corrective action plan to improve the outcomes of the program. Corrective action plans are designed to provide specific action steps that the program administrator can take to enhance outcomes. OSSE staff are available to provide technical assistance to navigate the corrective action plan, when needed.

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Homeschool policy and guidance are managed within OSSE’s Division of Systems and Supports, K-12.

[Last Updated: Jan. 30, 2024]