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Parent Resource Center FAQs

1. Where is my student’s bus? Why does the bus arrive at different times during the week?

Traffic, weather and small changes in the route mean that the bus will not get to your house at the exact same time every day. For example, if students normally picked up before your student are out sick then the bus may be earlier, and if there is construction on the route then the bus may be later. If you have concerns about the location of your bus, call the Parent Resource Center to find out when to expect it.

2. Can my student’s route be changed? Can I request a different driver or attendant?

Months of planning determines our routes and who staffs them. Because many different students depend on the route, the route and staff must stay consistent. However, if there are major concerns call the Parent Resource Center to discuss options.

3. When should my student be ready for the bus and where should they wait? Does the attendant have to knock on the door? How long does the bus have to wait for my student?

DOT buses arrive within a 30-minute pickup window: 15 minutes before the scheduled arrival time to 15 minutes after the scheduled arrival time. Students and parents should be ready for the bus for the entire 30-minute pick-up window and watch through their window or front door for the bus’s arrival. Once the bus arrives at your house, the bus will wait three minutes for your ambulatory student or five minutes for your wheelchair child. To pick up all students on the route during their pick-up windows and get to school on time, the bus must keep to a strict schedule.

4. Are there alternatives to the school bus?

Students who are able to ride the metro on their own are eligible to receive DC One Card to ride to school.  Additionally, parent reimbursement is available to parents who prefer to transport their eligible students to/from school. Please contact your student’s school or the PRC for assistance.

5. Who do I notify if my student is sick?

Contact the PRC at (202) 576-5000 or send an email to [email protected] to notify us that your child is sick and won’t be attending school so that the route doesn’t come to your residence.  Please be sure to provide your name, your student’s name, and school and bus route number (if available).

6. What if I am not at home in the afternoon when my child is dropped off?

In an emergency situation you may authorize a different person to accept your child at your address by calling the PRC. If no one is available to receive your child, the PRC will attempt to contact you and a second drop-off will be attempted. Following these attempts your child will be deemed undeliverable and transported to the DC Child and Family Services Agency (CFSA).

7. How do I update my contact information? What if we move or change schools during the year?

Contact your student’s school to update any contact information (ex. Address, phone numbers). OSSE DOT is not able to change information such as phone numbers or addresses. If you plan to move, please contact your child’s school, in advance, to allow for the submission of a new Transportation Request Form (TRF). A new TRF is required to begin transportation to/from the new address.   

8. Can a bus driver or attendant deliver medicine to school for my student? Can a bus driver or attendant administer medicine on the bus?

Medicine cannot be transported or administered on the bus unless it is done so by a certified nurse. If your student requires a trained nurse for medication assistance during transportation this must be requested by the IEP team