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2016 Gilda Allen Best School Garden Award

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Eastern Senior High School
Written by: Sh`Kayla Toyer and Tajhaun Brown
“Our Garden”

Of the many gardens across the world, gardeners have different methods of taking care of them, different tactics to tackling problems in the garden, and many ways to help improve the green space. Some have all the necessary materials to make their garden spiffed up, some use advanced technology, and for others there is not a lot provided to them. Since there`s so many budget cuts the amount of thought being put into a garden is little to none. Heck! Some people don’t even have a garden, or have the healthy products needed.

But throughout all the gardens in the world, I think our garden is the best there is! We establish a mass connection with each other and we focus on improving not only on our environment, but our community by giving healthy products from our garden. We also bring the community together in our garden.People of all different races, religions, and sexual orientations gather in the garden. Many people come together to help garden and have the experience of a lifetime. We work on making fabulous foods, talking about what’s going on socially and emotionally, and we have tons of fun!  Although we are a serious group, we don’t deny any creativity that can help us advance our garden to make it look dapper. We accept any positive ideas!

…Unless it’s illegal, then it`s a no! We’re not THAT ‘creative’ if you know what I mean?

But I digress

We are an opened minded yet serious organization, who cares about the environment and the people in it! We accept everybody and we look forward to working together. We are divided by personality, passions, and thoughts but we have one divine vision to help out!

So to sum it up completely, I think our garden is the best garden because we connect with each other on a different mindset.We accept each other’s ideas even if we`re a bit bitter on a topic, and no matter the disability. Teamwork makes the dream work.  

So, that is the main reason our garden is the best! Friendship! Or…something cheesy.

Thurgood Marshall Academy PCS
Written by Justin Dodds, Marquell Lewis, Indya Davis and Londyn Martin, with help from the rest of the Thurgood Marshall Academy Green Club

We are the best garden because we’re not just a garden. We serve. We harvest. We deliver. We supply teachers with fruits and vegetables that are 1000% fresh and come straight from our hearts. When in the garden, we feel a sense of unity, togetherness and friendship. We also feel tranquility, a feeling that may be difficult to find in the busy city of Washington, DC.
No one knows how it is to just take a few steps into the TMA Garden. Maintaining and providing healthiness to the garden is very important. It allows you to get closer to nature. In the beginning we were skeptical about digging in dirt but in the end it is a fun experience.

Once a month, we invite the community to volunteer to help care for our garden. We also make fantastic dishes such as delicious dips, salsa, and pear sauce, all with fresh vegetables from our garden. So not only do we learn how to grow our food but we learn how to cook and enjoy healthy food, all grown from the best garden in Washington DC.

Thomson Elementary School
Written by: Kai Hoang

Thomson garden is the best. It is high up on the roof. It has peppers, corn, flowers, pumpkins, and plants. We made chili out of the peppers. I washed the pumpkin, and I picked the peppers.  Our garden is the best because even though it is small and on the roof, it has a lot of veggies. I learned that water is good for plants.

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