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District Releases Final 2014-2015 Student Enrollment Audit

Thursday, March 12, 2015
SY 14-15 public school enrollment increases for sixth consecutive year

Contact: Briant K. Coleman (202) 604-5283; [email protected]

Today, the District of Columbia Office of the State Superintendent of Education (OSSE) released the 2014-2015 student enrollment audit of the District’s public schools and public charter schools.

Student enrollment in the District’s public schools increased by 2.95% for the 2014-2015 school year. The final audit represents an enrollment increase in both the District of Columbia Public Schools (DCPS) and the District’s Public Charter Schools (PCS), with an overall increase from 82,958 in 2013-2014 to 85,403 students enrolled in 2014-2015.*  

“More families are choosing our public schools—both DCPS and public charters—which is a testament to the improvements we’ve seen in both sectors in recent years. I expect this trend to continue with further improvements in our middle schools so our students are prepared for high school, college, and careers,” said Mayor Muriel Bowser.

Interim State Superintendent of Education Amy Maisterra stated, “We are pleased to see a continued upward trajectory in public school enrollment for the sixth consecutive year. It is clear that confidence in our schools continues to be on the rise. We also are benefitting from an increasingly robust audit process at OSSE, one that ensures that funds are appropriately getting to schools so we can fully address student needs.”

  • DCPS’ enrollment increased by 1,155 students – from 46,393 students to 47,548 students. This represents an overall school enrollment increase of 2.49%.
  • PCS’ enrollment increased by 1,119 students – from 36,565 students to 37,684 students. This represents an overall school enrollment increase of 3.06%.

Additionally, the audit included the inspection and evaluation of the District’s English Language Learners (ELL). The statewide total reflects 7,494 ELL students:

  • 4,882 students identified by DCPS;  
  • 2,598 students identified by PCS; and
  • 14 students identified by Hospitality High School.

Student enrollment trends for the District’s public schools and public charter schools: 

  • 3% increase in 2014-2015;
  • 3% increase in 2013-2014; 
  • 5% increase in 2012-13;
  • 2% increase in 2011-12;
  • 4% increase in 2010-11; and
  • 2% increase in 2009-10.

As the State Education Agency (SEA), OSSE is responsible for conducting an annual audit of the student enrollment data submitted by the Local Education Agencies (LEAs) in the District. DCPS is the largest LEA in the District, and each charter school is considered an LEA.

Background on the District’s Audit of Student Enrollment

This year, OSSE launched an Office of Enrollment and Residency to ensure robust enrollment audit and residency verification procedures. OSSE contracted with F.S. Taylor & Associates (FSTA) to conduct the student enrollment audit for the District of Columbia. FSTA is a full service accounting firm providing professional accounting, auditing, and advisory services in the District of Columbia since 1980.

*Enrollment in the District’s Hospitality High School decreased by 11 students – from 182 students to 171 students. This represents an overall school enrollment decrease of -6.04%.