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Sample Immunization Notification Letters and Packet for Non-Compliant Students

Schools have immunization notification requirements stipulated in DC law and regulation (DC Official Code § 38–504 and DCMR 5-E § 5300.5). With respect to any student that a school does not have certification of immunization, the school shall notify the parent, guardian, or adult student immediately in writing that within 20 school days from the date of the written notification the student shall obtain and present certification of immunization (DCMR 5-E § 5300.5). Schools are recommended to use the information provided below when communicating with families regarding non-compliance with immunization certification, and for keeping a record of all communications with parents, guardians, and adult students regarding immunization certification non-compliance.

The School Health Team should begin communicating the immunization attendance policy in the summer of 2020 in order to give parents, guardians, and adult students enough time to make an appointment to receive any missing immunizations.

Please note, each school should customize the immunization notification letters to accommodate their operating procedure. For example, if a school is not offering distance learning, the notification letters should be edited to reflect no option for distance learning.

Each immunization packet must contain the following:

A sample of an immunization packet for non-compliant students can be found here.

Sample Immunization Notification Letters:

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