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Social Studies

The District of Columbia’s current Social Studies State Standards were last revised in 2006. The standards predate the existence of both the Office of the State Superintendent of Education (OSSE) and the State Board of Education (SBOE). While the current standards cover a wide range of topics, a review is long overdue. The review process presents an opportunity for the District’s social studies standards to be culturally responsive, anti-racist, to impart important social studies content in the early grades, strengthen student knowledge of democratic principles and values, and promote civic engagement.

Periodically, state education agencies review and revise statewide content standards. In accordance with DC Code §38-2601.01, OSSE writes and proposes the academic standards for approval by the SBOE. In accordance with DC Code §38-2652, The SBOE advises the Superintendent on state academic standards and approves them. The SBOE, in partnership with OSSE, began its review of the social studies standards in July 2020. The SBOE convened a Social Studies Standards Advisory Committee, who was responsible for drafting guiding principles and making recommendations to the SBOE and OSSE on how the state standards should be revised and updated to reflect the needs of students and teachers in the District. In December 2020, the Advisory Committee finalized and published the Social Studies Standards Guiding Principles.

DC Social Studies Standards Technical Writing Committee

In February 2021, OSSE launched the DC Social Studies Standards Technical Writing Committee, which will review and revise the social studies standards and submit a revised draft to the SBOE in fall 2021. The writing committee is comprised of K-12 social studies educators from DC Public Schools (DCPS) and public charter schools, as well as local and national technical experts in social studies. The work of the writing committee will be grounded in the Advisory Committee’s Social Studies Standards Guiding Principles.

OSSE is pleased to announce the members of the Social Studies Standards Technical Writing Committee:

  • Aaron Bruewer, Ph.D. | University of the District of Columbia (UDC), Assistant Professor of Education
  • Adrienne Glasgow | Dunbar High School, Educator
  • Alexus McIntyre | Alice Deal Middle School, Educator
  • Alexis Mays-Fields | Center City PCS, Educator
  • Alysha Butler | McKinley Technology High School, Educator
  • Anthony Hiller | DCPS, Office of Teaching and Learning
  • Ashia Caraway    Capital City PCS, Educator
  • Ashley Chu | Center City PCS, Educator
  • Brian C. Morrison, Ph.D. | Ballou High School, Educator
  • Cosby Hunt | Thurgood Marshall Academy PCS, Educator; UDC, Adjunct Professor
  • Daniel Kohn | Paul PCS, Instructional Coach for Social Studies
  • Demetria Clark | Anne Beers Elementary School, Educator
  • Elleni Abebe | Roosevelt High School, Educator
  • Emily Brimsek, Ph.D. | National Center on Education and the Economy
  • Heber Diaz | Columbia Heights Education Campus, Educator
  • Kimberly F. Monroe, Ph.D. | Trinity Washington University, Professor
  • Lelac Almagor | DC Bilingual PCS, Educator
  • Lindsay Bell McCrea | DCPS, Office of Teaching and Learning
  • Madison Kantzer | DCPS, Office of Teaching and Learning
  • Megan E Patterson | Center City PCS, Educator
  • Melanie R. Holmes | MacFarland Middle School, Instructional Coach
  • Michael Stevens | Friendship PCS, Director of Social Studies
  • Michelle Leonor | MacFarland Middle School, Educator
  • Natalie Stapert | Lowell School, Curriculum Coordinator & Educator
  • Rebecca Schouvieller | DC International School PCS, Educator
  • Rob Manuel | KIPP DC: College Preparatory High School, Educator & Instructional Coach
  • Sarah Buscher | Janney Elementary School, Educator
  • William McMurtrey | Ballou STAY High School, Educator
  • Yaniq Walford | KIPP DC PCS, Educator
  • Zo Clement | Two Rivers PCS, Educator

Visit the SBOE website to learn more about the overall revision process for the District's Social Studies State Standards.

For questions about the writing committee, please contact Annette Thacker-Bartlett at [email protected].