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Child Nutrition Programs (CNP) Training Calendar

The Children Nutrition Programs (CNP) Calendar is designed to inform stakeholders of all training events offered by the OSSE CNP team, while creating a culture of professional development within organizations. A few of the key features stakeholders can expect from the CNP Calendar include easy access to upcoming trainings and workshops, detailed information about all training events, on the spot registration, and the ability to add training to your personal calendar so you never miss a CNP training event. The CNP team is committed to providing the highest quality training and resource materials to all stakeholders in the District of Columbia.

Using the CNP Calendar:

Finding Training Events:

Using the toolbar arrows: The CNP calendar will automatically default to showing the current month’s trainings upon accessing it. The current date will be highlighted in yellow for quick viewability. Training events will be listed on the day in which they occur. To find a future training event, click the blue forward arrow on the top toolbar of the calendar. Clicking the forward arrow will move the calendar to the following month, subsequently showing training events for the next month. Similarly, clicking the blue back arrow will move the calendar to the previous month, displaying past events.

Using the monthly dropdown menu: Use the monthly dropdown menu in the top toolbar next to the blue arrows to quickly find trainings during a specific month.

Using the calendar view options: To quickly find a list of upcoming training events, click “Agenda” in the top toolbar. A list of all training events will be compiled. Click “Look for more” at the bottom of the list to expand the search by month.

Viewing Calendar Events:

The CNP Calendar displays a small snapshot of any training event on the day in which the training is to be held. The snapshot includes the time in which the training starts, the acronym of the child nutrition program for which the training is applicable, and the beginning of the training title. Common acronyms found within the calendar include:

  • CACFP- Child and Adult Care Food Program
  • NSLP- National School Lunch Program
  • SFSP- Summer Food Service Program
  • SPT- School Programs Team

Click on any training event to view more details about it. Within the details you will find the following information:

  • Full title of the training
  • Detailed training event description
  • Date and time of training
  • Point of Contact (POC)
  • Link to join or register for training

Registering for Training:

Click on any training event in the CNP Calendar to open the pop-out detailed description of the training. Click “Register Now” to gain access to and complete the training registration form or “Join Now” to join the live training at a specific time.

Adding calendar events to a personal calendar:

To ensure you never miss a training, CNP Calendar events can be added to your personal calendar. To do so, open the detailed training description by clicking on a calendar event. At the bottom of the description click “Copy to my calendar”. The CNP Calendar will redirect you to your personal calendar. Log in to your personal calendar, then save the event.