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Strategic Plan Priority 2: Advance Excellence

Ensure all DC students have the opportunity to excel by setting high standards, providing robust supports for educators and holding schools and school systems accountable. 

Strategic Initiatives: 

  • Strengthen the School Accountability System: OSSE implements a stronger, more comprehensive school accountability system in order to solidify expectations of school excellence and clearly communicate to the public to what extent schools are on track to meet them. 
  • Align and Target Instructional Supports to Educator Needs: OSSE develops and implements data-informed approach for providing instructional supports (i.e. trainings, technology, etc) to schools and educators that is more coherent, streamlined and directly responsive to their greatest needs. 
  • Bolster the Educator Pipeline: OSSE strengthens its systems of educator preparation and licensure in order to help build and sustain an innovative and robust pipeline of high-quality, diverse and well-prepared educators for DC schools. 
  • Improve Literacy Instruction: OSSE, in partnership with stakeholders and building upon existing investments, develops and promotes a citywide vision for literacy instruction, grounded in the science of reading, and provides a suite of instructional resources and trainings for aspiring and current educators, in order to improve the quality of literacy instruction students receive. 
  • Raise the Quality of Standards and Instruction: OSSE implements systems to support and incentivize schools to adopt and implement high-quality, standards-aligned instructional materials, including in content areas with recently revised standards, such as social studies. 
  • Develop School and Educator Capacity to Educate Students with Disabilities: OSSE implements an improved suite of instructional resources to develop the capacity of schools and educators to provide more effective instruction to students with disabilities in both general and special education classrooms. 

Key Results – How we’ll measure progress 

  • Increase in Students On Track for College and Careers 

Priority Lead: Elizabeth Ross, Assistant Superintendent of Teaching and Learning 

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