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E.g., 2014-11-01
E.g., 2014-11-01

This is an overview presentation of the DC Model Teacher Evaluation System.

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SY 2013-2014 Specialized Education Annual Parent Survey Memo
ƒ•‡Ž‹‡—ƒŽ‹–›–—†›ƒ†Specialized Education Annual Parent Survey SY 2013-2013 Memo...

Science is all around us! From investigating how electricity works to light up the world to discovering a cure for cancer, the opportunities are endless. Science allows us to understand life,...


As the District continues its efforts to ensure that all students within its pre-K-12 system receive a quality education, it is critical that students who have dropped out also have solid on-ramps...


Presentation from the October 1, 2014 Next Generation Assessment Stakeholder Meeting, updates on NAEP, PARCC timing, Educator Leader Cadre recruitment, and questions for LEA feedback.


The Office of the Deputy Mayor for Education (DME) and OSSE have received a number of questions about the new at-risk weight in the Uniform per Student Funding Formula for Fiscal Year...


Legislation passed by the District of Columbia (District) Council in 2006, known as the Placement of Students with Disabilities in Nonpublic Schools Act (PSDNSA), established a Certificate of...


Appendix H - OSSE Nonpublic Monitoring Tool SY 2014-15

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While the 2014-2015 nonpublic school calendar includes anticipated on-site monitoring visits, nonpublic schools are reminded that representatives of OSSE may make unannounced visits to a nonpublic...


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