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DCPS Equity Reports SY 2012-2013

Monday, December 9, 2013

What are Equity Reports? The Deputy Mayor for Education, the Office of the State Superintendent of Education (OSSE), DC Public Schools (DCPS), the DC Public Charter School Board (PCSB) and NewSchools Venture Fund have partnered to create the city’s first Equity Reports. Equity Reports are a complement to OSSE’s School Report Cards, DCPS’ School Scorecards and PCSB’s Performance Management Framework.

The first step in ensuring equity is making the data transparent and comparable. This report is meant to make schools, parents and the larger community aware of metrics related to equity that exist across DC schools.

Equity, when used in education, refers to all students receiving the same caliber of education regardless of the neighborhood they live in or their demographic characteristics, such as their race, ethnicity, special education status or other factors.

ƒ•‡Ž‹‡—ƒŽ‹–›–—†›ƒ†DCPS Equity Reports SY 2012 2013
Aiton Elementary School349.23 KB
Amidon-Bowen Elementary School350.91 KB
Anacostia High School351.79 KB
allou High School351.67 KB
Ballou STAY High School300.69 KB
Bancroft Elementary School353.03 KB
Barnard Elementary School354.32 KB
Beers Elementary School350.34 KB
Benjamin Banneker High School349.17 KB
Brent Elementary Schoo350.23 KB
Brightwood Education Campus353.39 KB
Brookland Education Campus at Bunker Hill352.41 KB
Browne Education Campus351.84 KB
Bruce-Monroe Elementary School at Park View354.13 KB
Burroughs Education Campus351.22 KB
Burrville Elementary School349.41 KB
CW Harris Elementary School350.07 KB
Capitol Hill Montessori at Logan347.79 KB
Cardozo Education Campus352.93 KB
Cleveland Elementary School350.26 KB
Columbia Heights Education Campus355.39 KB
Coolidge High School351.68 KB
Deal Middle School359.63 KB
Drew Elementary School349.9 KB
Duke Ellington School of the Arts350.69 KB
Dunbar High School352.09 KB
Eastern High School349.33 KB
Eaton Elementary School351.78 KB
Eliot-Hine Middle School351.2 KB
Garfield Elementary School349.67 KB
Garrison Elementary School351.16 KB
HD Cooke Elementary School352.75 KB
HD Woodson High School351.03 KB
Hardy Middle School355.91 KB
Hart Middle School351.34 KB
Hearst Elementary School350.84 KB
Hendley Elementary School350.02 KB
Houston Elementary School350.09 KB
Hyde-Addison Elementary School351.36 KB
JO Wilson Elementary School350.76 KB
Janney Elementary School351.07 KB
Jefferson Middle School Academy351.76 KB
Johnson Middle School351.28 KB
Kelly Miller Middle School351.57 KB
Ketcham Elementary School349.13 KB
Key Elementary School349.38 KB
Kimball Elementary School349.84 KB
King Elementary School349.22 KB
Kramer Middle School351.29 KB
Lafayette Elementary School351.1 KB
Langdon Education Campus351.58 KB
Langley Elementary School352.15 KB
LaSalle-Backus Education Campus353.23 KB
Leckie Elementary School350.65 KB
Ludlow-Taylor Elementary School350.57 KB
Malcolm X Elementary School at Green350.09 KB
Mann Elementary School349.65 KB
Marie Reed Elementary School352.74 KB
Maury Elementary School350.33 KB
McKinley Technology High School350.96 KB
Miner Elementary School350.92 KB
Moten Elementary School349.93 KB
Murch Elementary School351.64 KB
Nalle Elementary School349.84 KB
Noyes Education Campus350.49 KB
Orr Elementary School350.06 KB
Oyster-Adams Bilingual School356.35 KB
Patterson Elementary School350.51 KB
Payne Elementary School350.35 KB
Peabody Elementary School328.82 KB
Phelps Architecture, Construction, and Engineering High School351.32 KB
Plummer Elementary School350.16 KB
Powell Elementary School351.58 KB
Randle Highlands Elementary School349.53 KB
Raymond Education Campus353.95 KB
Roosevelt High School @ MacFarland353.26 KB
Roosevelt STAY High School at MacFarland301.81 KB
Ross Elementary School348.1 KB
Savoy Elementary School350.32 KB
School Without Walls at Francis-Stevens351.97 KB
School Without Walls High School351.76 KB
School-Within-School at Goding329.21 KB
Seaton Elementary School352.46 KB
Shepherd Elementary School350.39 KB
Simon Elementary School349.5 KB
Smothers Elementary School349.28 KB
Sousa Middle School351.4 KB
Sousa Middle School350.33 KB
Stoddert Elementary School350.83 KB
Stuart-Hobson Middle School353.37 KB
Takoma Education Campus352.68 KB
Thomas Elementary School349.9 KB
Thomson Elementary School353.51 KB
Truesdell Education Campus354.73 KB
Tubman Elementary School352.92 KB
Turner Elementary School350.46 KB
Tyler Elementary School350.62 KB
Walker-Jones Education Campus351.33 KB
Watkins Elementary School352.02 KB
West Education Campus352.41 KB
Wheatley Education Campus351.69 KB
Whittier Education Campus351.85 KB
Wilson High School357.56 KB