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Charter School Closure Policy

Friday, March 15, 2013

The purpose of this policy is to set expectations and provide guidance and technical assistance with regard to the state-level issues related to the closure of a District of Columbia public charter school, also referred to as a Local Educational Agency (LEA).

A charter school may close for a variety of reasons including, for example, voluntary relinquishment of a charter, charter revocation, or nonrenewal of a charter by the authorizing authority. A charter school closure is governed by applicable laws and regulations, and appropriate procedures established by the charter authorizing authority, including the District of Columbia Public Charter School Board (PCSB).

This policy highlights the following state-level concerns:
I. Notification of Closure Status
II. Student Records and Retention
III. Students with Disabilities
IV. Students attending a Non Public School
V. Financial and Grants Closeout
VI. Dispersal of Unspent Funds
VII. Disposition of Assets
VIII. Data Collection and Reporting
IX. Consolidations and Mergers
X. UPSFF Payments and Remittance