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What Does College and Career Readiness Mean?

Now. more than ever, high school students are told they must be prepared for higher education or a skilled profession in the workplace. Despite these messages advocating the need to be college and career ready, many parents, students, and educators remain unclear on what “college and career readiness” actually means.

Let’s clear up the mystery -

College Ready [Kol-ij  Red-ee] – noun. A College Ready student is an academically prepared student, ready for postsecondary education or training without the need for remedial coursework. Whether you are pursuing a four-year degree or studying for a skilled trade license, being ready means having the reading, writing, mathematics, social, and cognitive skills to qualify for and succeed in the academic program of your choice.

Career Ready [Kuh-reer Red-ee] – noun. A Career Ready student possesses both the necessary knowledge and technical skills needed for employment in  their desired career field. For example, a student who is ready to become a teacher not only possesses knowledge of education policy, but also possesses all required certifications required to become a teacher.

Ultimately, college and career readiness demands students know more than just content, but demonstrate that they know how to learn and build upon that content to solve problems. They must develop versatile communication skills, work collaboratively and work competitively in a school or work environment. Ensuring that you possess both the academic and technical know-how necessary for a career beyond the classroom is a great step toward succeeding on whatever path you choose.

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