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Student Transportation Performance Reporting

It is important for The Division of Student Transportation to understand how it is performing so that we can assess targets, goals and make adjustments and improvements as necessary. Reviewing information that is reliable and verifiable on a routine basis provides transparency and visibility, which is the essence of good government.

We constantly monitor our routes to ensure we are providing timely and reliable transportation services to District students. Approximately 97% of our buses are installed with the Navman Wireless Fleet Tracking System. The automated vehicle locator (AVL) equipment can identify when a bus arrives at a school, at one of our terminals and at a students’ home.-.

On-Time Arrival

What does it mean to arrive to school "on time"?

Student transportation plans routes so that they will arrive at school no later than 10 minutes before bell time and no earlier than 30 minutes before bell time. OSSE-DOT aims for this 20-minute on time window for two reasons:

•to ensure students have time to leave the bus and arrive in their appropriate classroom on time
•to ensure students are not arriving too early and sitting on the bus for long periods of time waiting for the school doors to open.

GPS equipment allows OSSE-DOT to track buses every minute, so we also measure how close we are to arriving within the 20-minute window.  That is why the on-time reports includes a 30-minute window and arrivals before the bell.

On-Time Performance Summaries 

Performance Dashboard by Week 

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