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Statewide Longitudinal Education Data System (SLED)

The Statewide Longitudinal Education Data System (SLED) is a single, comprehensive repository of student and education-related data needed to improve education planning, management, reporting, instruction and evaluation. In February 2009, the Office of the State Superintendent of Education (OSSE) deployed the initial release of the SLED system. The primary goal of the initial release of the SLED system was to track student enrollment, demographic data, and assign a Unique Student Identifier (USI) for students that were enrolled in publicly funded DC schools during the 2008/2009 school year. On Oct. 26, 2009, State Superintendent Kerri Briggs discussed the termination of the SLED contract at a DC Council roundtable.  View a copy of her opening statement.

Key Goals for the SLED System

Increasing Access
The SLED will ensure that gathered data is easily available to those who need it, including students and parents, educators, researchers and others involved in education in the District.

Ensuring Data Quality
The SLED will provide a single repository for standardized information, improving data reliability, validity, and consistency from sources across various systems.

Answering Key Questions
The SLED will assist with discovering answers to key questions about education in the District to help guide interventions and reform. For example: Which students are most at risk of dropping out? Which schools are consistently preparing students to advance to the next grade level? What achievement levels show that a student is prepared for college and work?

Improving Education
The SLED will help educators and education leaders make the decisions that will have the best possible effect on student outcomes through increased access to accurate data and the tools to analyze that data.

Moving Forward to Success
The SLED will provide the District of Columbia community with a system for accessing standardized information about students’ academic development over multiple years and across the District’s education institutions. By supplying transparent data and supporting reliable, accessible analyses of facts, the SLED promotes shared responsibility for learners’ educational growth and development, from early care, through elementary and secondary school, into college, adult education, and career success. The SLED Team is developing future functionality that will deliver a SLED that has:

  • Longitudinal performance information for developing, informing, and assessing students’ educational plans to promote intellectual growth and content-based achievement;
  • Direct certification for free meals;
  • Data that stakeholders can use to make data-driven policy decisions which strengthen schools and services and support students’ educational growth and development;
  • Quality control measures that ensure data integrity, consistency, and accuracy across all District education agencies;
  • Opportunities to conduct trend analyses of citywide enrollment and achievement patterns for LEAs, schools, programs, and classes;
  • Mechanisms for students to track their own progress in school through self-managed and accurate on-line report cards, transcripts, and individual graduation plans;
  • Resources for reducing data entry redundancy across disparate information systems

The SLED Team looks forward to delivering a system that will provide the data needed to improve education planning, management, reporting, instruction and evaluation in the District.

Training for New SLED Users

Please check back for upcoming training for new SLED users.

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