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Entry Codes, Exit Codes, and Enrollment

Entry and Exit Guidance

Each year, all District of Columbia public and public charter school students must be entered onto a local education agency (LEA) roster, and exited from that roster upon withdrawal. 

Presence on a roster enables two major supports for the student and the LEA: 

  • Allocation of UPSFF and IDEA funds to the responsible LEA
  • Transfer of records to the LEA from the state agency (OSSE), via SLED and SEDS
  • Track student movement
  • Ensure timely service delivery

Exit from a roster enables the following:

  • Proper calculation of the Adjusted Cohort Graduation Rate
  • Compliance with federally-mandated reporting of students with disabilities and those without disabilities who have dropped out of school
  • Identification of disengaged youth who require re-connection services at the OSSE Re-engagement Center

OSSE follows an enrollment and withdrawal protocol that meets the requirements of District of Columbia Municipal Regulations, Rule 5-A2101. After several rounds of LEA feedback during SY13-14, OSSE updated its entry and exit codes to streamline its process, and published the updated codes in July 2014. Another update occured in July 2015.


OSSE will offer summer 2016 trainings on entry codes, exit codes, and the DCMR requirements. Each training will include a Q&A session. Visit the LEA Look Forward for updated dates, times, and registration links. 

Guidance and Documentation


If you have an issue exiting or entering a student from your roster, enter an issue on the OSSE Support Tool (OST)

If your LEA requires access to the OSSE Support Tool, email Tonia Lovelace at [email protected] .

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