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Entry Codes, Exit Codes, and Enrollment

Each year, all District of Columbia public and public charter school students must be entered onto a local education agency (LEA) roster, and exited from that roster upon withdrawal. 

Presence on a roster enables two major supports for the student and the LEA: 

  • Allocation of UPSFF and IDEA funds to the responsible LEA
  • Transfer of records to the LEA from the state agency (OSSE), via SLED and SEDS
  • Track student movement
  • Ensure timely service delivery

Exit from a roster enables the following:

  • Proper calculation of the Adjusted Cohort Graduation Rate
  • Compliance with federally-mandated reporting of students with disabilities and those without disabilities who have dropped out of school
  • Identification of disengaged youth who require re-connection services at the OSSE Re-engagement Center

OSSE follows an enrollment and withdrawal protocol that meets the requirements of District of Columbia Municipal Regulations, Rule 5-A2101.

Guidance and Documentation


If you have an issue exiting or entering a student from your roster, enter an issue on the OSSE Support Tool (OST).

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