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About Student Transportation

For the 2012-2013 school year, the Division of Student Transportation estimates we transported 3,239 students at a total estimated cost of $91.6 million- a task that involves 851 buses traveling about 34,226 miles per day on 611 routes.

The City Council appropriated about $91.6 million for transportation of special needs students or about 6% of total local education (LEA) budget.


To provide safe, reliable and efficient transportation services that support and enhance learning opportunities for eligible students in the District of Columbia.


A future in which all transported students begin and end their school day with best in class service.

Department Brochure


Department of Fiscal Management (DFM)

The Department of Fiscal Management is the resource allocation arm of OSSE-DOT.  DFM is responsible for formulating and managing the annual budget, and tracking actual and obligated expenditures.  The Department also receives and processes invoices for payments, handles requests for supplies, conducts bi-weekly payroll certification and analyses, and oversee OSSE-DOT procurement activity.  DFM also oversees token and fare card management and distribution.  Upon request DFM prepares various financial analyses and is responsible for payment of citations, parent reimbursements, tort claims, and recovering costs.

Parent Resource Center (PRC)

The Parent Resource Center is the primary communication link between OSSE-DOT, parents/guardians, school personnel, social workers, and advocates. The Customer Service Representatives that work in the Center are responsible for providing a high level of customer service relating to safe and reliable transportation.  The Customer Service Representatives provide real-time information on bus delays, route changes, and bus accidents and incidents, as well as process temporary address changes through both inbound and outbound calls.  Representatives are available to take calls Monday thru Friday, from 5AM to 7PM. The main contact number for the Parent Resource Center is (202) 576-5000.

Department of Audit and Compliance (DAC)

The Department of Audit and Compliance is responsible for ensuring that OSSE-DOT upholds high performance standards and promptly responds to and quickly corrects any issues that arise during the course of business.

Complaint Intake Unit (CIU)

The Complaint Intake Unit receives complaints and notices about incidents and accidents from parents/guardians, schools, drivers, and other OSSE-DOT employees. The Complaint Intake Specialists answer phone calls and initiate report logs in the complaints database that track complaints from first notice to resolution.  Types of complaints include, but are not limited to, unprofessional behavior, late routes, and student behavior. Complaints are prioritized for investigation according to the seriousness of the situation and are then assigned to an Investigator within the Office of Investigations.

Office of Investigations (OOI)

The Office of Investigations is responsible for investigating complaints, incidents, and collisions.  After a Complaint Intake Specialist records a complaint in the complaints database an Investigator is assigned by the Audit and Compliance Manager.  The Investigator initiates an investigation into the complaint by interviewing or reviewing written statements from all parties involved in the incident and documenting the information gathered. A follow up call is placed to inform the complainant of the investigative results and corrective action taken by OSSE-DOT. Investigators also respond to the scene of school bus collisions and thoroughly investigate collisions by interviewing all parties involved, documenting damage, and preparing reports for presentation to the OSSE Accident Review Board.

Office of Quality Assurance and Records Compliance (QARC)

The Office of Quality Assurance and Records Compliance monitors the performance of OSSE-DOT and tracks all changes and improvements within the Division.  QARC is responsible for liaising with the other departments within OSSE-DOT to update policies that guide the Division’s daily activities.  QARC also organizes the performance metrics that are gathered throughout the Division and reviews them to ensure continuous progress toward performance goals.

Department of Strategic Planning and Technology (DSPT)

The Department of Strategic Planning and Technology collects and analyzes performance data from departments and systems throughout OSSE-DOT.  DSPT installs GPS units on each bus and tracks routes, student pick-ups/drop-offs, and school arrivals in order to determine on-time performance and recommend corrective action when needed. The Department uses this data to inform drivers, students, and the routing and scheduling team, which then adjusts routes if necessary.  DSPT is also responsible for maintaining OSSE-DOT technology and databases, and conducts research and writes reports on matters relating to the transportation services provided to students receiving services from OSSE-DOT, including data such as driver and attendant attendance and student ridership.  DSPT assists web development and Medicaid program management as well.

Department of Routing and Scheduling (DRS)

The Department of Routing and Scheduling is responsible for creating student bus routes that meet ride time requirements. Their decisions are based on student data as well as information on the location and operating times of schools. DRS begins its routing activities at least four weeks before the start of each school year. Thereafter, the routing and scheduling staff make changes to bus routes on a daily basis in response to information provided by schools, drivers, attendants, dispatchers and terminal management staff.  As appropriate, they conduct analyses to determine the potential impact of new routes and changes in the student population.

Chief of Bus Operations (CBO)

The Chief of Bus Operations is responsible for the management of all OSSE-DOT bus terminals, including the organization, supervision, and coordination of dispatch, operation, and inspection of the fleet.

Dispatch Services

Dispatch Services provide the communication link between the Parent Call Center, bus drivers and terminal staff. They are the first reporting level for incidents related to school bus operations such as route delays, accidents, incidents concerning students and breakdowns. The dispatch team informs appropriate supervisory staff of known or possible issues and provides follow-up communications.  Dispatch employees provide administrative assistance; serve as information operators at the terminals, guide visitors, and direct switchboard calls.  They also compile, maintain, and distribute school bus routing books, mobile devices, rosters of schools buses and drivers assigned for duty.

Terminal Management

Terminal Management staff is responsible for supervising, coordinating, and scheduling drivers, attendants, and vehicles. Terminal managers are also responsible for ensuring compliance with OSSE-DOT rules and regulations and the maximization of equipment utility, customer satisfaction, and operational profitability.  At the direction of the Chief of Bus Operations, the terminal managers lead and manage operational changes on a regular basis in order to improve performance and efficiency.

Department of Fleet Management (DFM)

The Department of Fleet Management is responsible for OSSE-DOT’s fleet of over 900 assets including buses, vans, administrative vehicles, compressors, and power washers. The Department ensures that all required District of Columbia safety inspections and preventative maintenance schedules are strictly followed. DFM uses the fleet management software system, FASTER, to track the age, availability status, and maintenance needs of all assets. As a result, they are responsible for ensuring that the vehicles are safe, reliable, and ready for daily transportation. The department also oversees and manages all vendor relationships with the fleet to ensure the quality of service and repairs.  

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