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Educator Credential Information System (ECIS) Upload Document Checklist

Friday, September 9, 2016

When submitting an online application using ECIS, you will be uploading all required supporting documents as described below.  You must scan all required documents and save them to your computer or storage device as PDF formatted files. When scanning documents that contain multiple pages, you must scan all pages of that document into one PDF file.  For example, if your FBI personal criminal history report consists of three pages, you must scan all three pages into one document and save it as a PDF file. Once scanned, you will then name it (i.e., John Doe FBI report). Follow these steps for all of the documents you will be uploading. 

To avoid potential denials or delays in the processing of your application, you must upload all required documents to support your application.  If you do not have all documents required for the credential you are seeking, you are not ready to submit an application in ECIS. To review the requirements for all credentials, please see Educator Credential Requirements Overview.

  1. Personal criminal history record report issued by the FBI or an FBI approved “channeler” agency, an agency which has the ability to provide any United States citizen or lawful permanent legal resident the right to request a copy of their personal FBI criminal background check.  Criminal history record reports must have been issued within the previous 12 months from the date an application is submitted and shall remain valid with OSSE for a period of four years from the date the report was generated.

  1. In instances where the FBI channeler agency will only send the report directly to an agency, the report may be emailed to [email protected].

  1. If you are currently employed or have recently completed the clearance process via the District of Columbia Public Schools (DCPS), DCPS will provide OSSE with electronic access to your criminal history clearance information.

  1. Official education transcripts issued by the registrar’s office of the college or university where you completed a degree and where applicable education preparation training/coursework has been completed. Education transcripts must be scanned as full, non-fragmented PDF pages using the “auto-color detection” setting.  Grade reports or student account transcript records are not accepted.

  1. If you completed studies at an institution outside of the U.S. (including Canada), you must submit a foreign credential equivalency report issued by an approved agency.  The District of Columbia accepts foreign credential equivalency reports provided by the following entities: (1) organizations that have current membership with the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services (NACES) or the Association of International Credential Evaluators (AICE); (2) accredited four-year colleges/universities; and (3) evaluation organizations that are approved by other state educator licensing/credentialing agencies for licensing purposes.

  1. The report must include a U.S. eqivalency degree summary statement and a course by course listing of all completed coursework that includes the grade earned and credit hours completed for each course.

  1. Please do not send diplomas, foreign transcripts, or any documents not printed in English.

  1. Program verification form confirming your admission and/or completion of an approved educator preparation licensure program (when applicable).

  1. A completed F-4 Program Admission Verification form: The purpose of this form is to verify the program enrollment and employment of an applicant seeking the issuance of an Initial teaching credential.

  1. A completed F-1 In-state Program Completer Verification form: The purpose of this form is to verify satisfactory completion of an approved educator licensure program for applicants who completed their training program at a DC based institution.

  1. A completed Out-of-State Approved Program completion verification form: The purpose of this form is to verify satisfactory completion of an approved educator licensure program for applicants who completed their training program at institutions outside DC.

  1. Alternative program completion verification letter confirming the sequence of requirements completed if you completed an alternative or non-traditional educator preparation program in another state where an official institution transcript was not issued.

  1. Copy of all pages of applicant’s examinee score report(s) verifying passing scores for the required credentialing exams. Applicants submitting score reports for comparable exams passed in another state must submit a valid full credential from another state where those exams were accepted for issuance of the credential. All score reports must be printed in English and indicate the test name, test date, test score, and pass/fail indication. All pages of the score report must be submitted.

  1. Copy of valid educator credential (with no deficiencies) from another state where you hold comparable endorsements or certifications.

  1.  Verification of full-time experience confirming full-time employment in the applicable assignment area confirmed by the appropriate employment verification official.

  1. LEA annual performance evaluation review confirming your evaluation rating achieved for the applicable academic year(s). The evaluation reviews must be properly signed and dated by all required parties.  Applicable toward initial credentialing or credential renewal.

  1. Professional development (PD) training completion certificates or PD transcripts confirming completion of PD activities that have been delivered by your employing LEA/school agency or other PD training organizations.  Applicable toward credential renewal only.

  • PD training transcripts generated by an employing LEA/school must be on official letterhead and bear the appropriate seals, signatures, and dates.
  • PD training certificates issued by other organizations must contain the following information:  attendee/participant’s full name; name of the provider presenting the activity/training; name or title of the activity/training; number of clock hours of activity/training completed; and dates of activity/training and bears the appropriate seals, signatures and dates.
  • Official transcripts verifying completion of appropriate coursework in compliance with document item #2 listed above.

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