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Guidance for Preparing Subject Area Program Proposals

Organizations must provide a detailed description of how they will prepare educators to teach the subject area(s) for which the applicant organization is applying for approval. State-only post-baccalaureate programs will generally focus primarily on pedagogy and instruction coursework and demonstrate that candidates are proficient in content knowledge prior to entering their respective programs. For organizations applying to create administrator programs, the organization shall provide a detailed description of how it will prepare candidates for school leadership positions. 

Organizations must provide a narrative summary of how each standard will be met. (Note: The narrative in this section is not required to be double–spaced.) Include a discussion of how the program structure relates to organizational vision and philosophy, connecting theory to practice.

You may include a description of the program, the plan of study for the program subject, distribution of course/contact hours, syllabi, texts to be used, reading lists, etc. which may be useful for reviewers to understand and assess the organization’s ability to prepare candidates to meet the standards.  

The following outline must be followed when preparing the program proposal for a new teacher education program:

  1. Scope
    Identify how the new program fits into and will be supported by the organizational structure of the unit. Describe the plan for implementation and operation of the program.  Identify the name and grade level(s) of the program, and list the objectives of the program.
  2. Requirements
    Give a complete listing of the courses and requirements for the program. List required courses and electives (if applicable), and describe any required competencies, skills, prerequisites, etc. that are required in addition to the coursework. Include descriptors of assessments, performance, and other documentation that supports the program objectives.  A complete syllabus or course description for each course must be included in the program proposal.
  3. Assessment System
    Provide a full description of the assessment system used to evaluate candidate progress and performance in the program.  Identify key assessments and transition “gateways” for advancement in the program.
  4. Response to Standards
    Provide standard-by-standard narrative responses to show how the program meets each standard.  Using the Subject Area Standards Maps below as a template, organizations must create a matrix, mapping candidate standards and indicators to each program’s curricular and field experience activities. The mapping will also show the assessment strategies to be used to determine candidate performance in meeting each standard.
  5. Supporting Evidence
    The program proposal must show supporting evidence of the organization’s capacity to meet the program standards. Following are examples of the types of items that can typically be used to demonstrate that a particular standard or indicator has been met: 
  • Course Syllabi
  • Assignment Sheets
  • Evaluation Forms (e.g., field experience or student teaching)
  • Handouts
  • Exams, tests, and quizzes
  • Textbook Table of Contents; IF material that is covered is clearly evident in the syllabus, highlighted in the table of contents, and signed by the professor
  • Teacher Education Handbook
  • Advising Forms
  • Field Experience Handbook(s) (optional)
  • Other Materials (optional) 

Subject Area Program Proposal Submission Requirements

In order for an organization’s application to undergo review by an OSSE-appointed review team, it must submit the following for both the organizational and each subject area program proposals: one original, three copies, and one digital copy. No later than 60 days after an Intent to Seek Accreditation and Program Approval form has been submitted, submit the organizational and subject area proposals to:

Office of the State Superintendent of Education
Division of Teaching and Learning
Educator Quality and Effectiveness
1050 First St. NE, Fifth Floor
Washington, DC 20002
ATTN: Joelle Lastica

Subject Area Standards and Standards Maps 

Below are Adobe PDF versions of the Subject Area Program Standards for the subject disciplines approvable under the state-only Post-Baccalaureate Accreditation and Program Approval application.  Download/print relevant sections of the subject area standards to guide your organization’s compliance with OSSE standards for educator preparation.

Subject Area Standards

Subject Area Standards Maps

Download the appropriate Subject Area Standard Maps below that correspond with the academic programs for which your organization is seeking state program approval. Enter responses directly into the editable PDF forms and submit the completed map(s), as a part of your subject area program proposal(s), along with your organization’s Organizational Report.

Subject Area Standards Maps